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Within lies a gypsy soul and a loving light that shines right from my heart to yours

Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking the time to read a little about me. This is a loving space for all to share, inspire and be inspired. A place for the magic makers, the dreamers and conjurers, the wild at heart, the love makers, the freedom seekers, the light workers, to all those who long to express their inner worlds through creativity and love.

One of my deepest desires and joys in life is to be inspired and to inspire others. To awaken the joy, the love, and the freedom for creative self expression.

My ever expanding heart is so full of love, compassion, and acceptance for all beings, for our precious mother earth, and most importantly for myself. Love starts from within each of us, infinitely rippling and healing our world. I’m always willing to share my vulnerability and truth with the world, and to have the courage to be imperfect.

I’ve spent more than 15 years of my life working as a biomedical naturopath and healer. I specialised in the area of nutrigenomics and worked mostly with children with autism spectrum disorders, all over this amazing globe. It’s been a wonderful, rewarding career and I am so grateful for the honour and opportunity of being a part of healing another’s life. Now I have journeyed back to my creative roots and I am feeling so immensely blessed to have rediscovered this passion of mine. Leaping heart first into the realm of style, I have embarked upon one of the most healing journey’s of my life.

When I’m not styling and dreaming up visions, I’m nurturing my precious family. I’m blessed as a mother of two angels, married to a kindred soul (who also happens to be my incredibly gifted photographer), and we now live in the sunny, beachy Western Australia. Each day I practice the simple act of breathing in love and breathing out gratitude, for all the blessings in my life.

I’d love to share a little about my journey, how I rediscovered myself, my passions and most importantly self love.

A few years ago……

There was something missing in me. An emptiness, apathy, you could also label it depression, but to me it was a lack of self love. It became quite apparent to me once I entered motherhood. For me this was a major deconstruction of self. I willingly sacrificed so much of myself for my children…as did my mother and my grandmothers before me. I lost touch with myself, with my needs, wants, passion, desires. I was so lost, that soon I had forgotten about the very things I loved to do in my life. I was being so hard on myself, judging myself, constantly seeing where I was not good enough, lacking or could have been better.

It took years of self-reflection, meditation and healing for me to rediscover my passions and what I loved to do in life. And learning how to love myself wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Firstly I learnt how to simply slow down each day. I stopped comparing myself to other mothers and realised my pace was my pace, and that if I tried to go at someone else’s pace I would just crash. This change was huge! And my first major act of self-love. I also started to notice my negative and destructive thoughts and patterns. All those self- judgements. “I’m not enough” just kept popping up. I surrendered and allowed them space and voice, validation…..to just be. To simply love and accept what is. The resistance was always the barrier to freedom. Soon I started to hear myself say “I am enough, simply because I am.” :) Such relief and peace in these thoughts.

Through the rediscovering process I went to many healing retreats, sound journeys, released my built up frustrations through primal dance. I remembered my love of music and picked up my guitar again. I started a women’s full moon healing circle and reconnected with like hearted women in the community. I discovered my voice once again. And I allowed it to be. An extremely empowering experience.

I was beginning to feel the space within emerge for new creative endeavours. An outlet for my creativity had been aching and bursting at the seams to come to life. My love cup was filling up with all these acts of kindness. I no longer felt like I was running on empty or merely surviving each day. I was beginning to enjoy life once again and the sparkle in my eyes that was momentarily lost returned.

It’s been quite a few years now and I can only look back with complete gratitude for this journey, as it allowed me to open up to a much richer path of possibilities and discoveries. I find myself still shedding old beliefs daily, creating and choosing new positive, peaceful thoughts that are based upon self-love and an alignment with a higher vibration. This blossoming is what brought me back to a passion of mine that was long forgotten – a passion for spontaneous creativity. A natural innate flow that courses through my veins. I remember a time when I dreamt up clothes, outfits and scenes in my minds eye…where I saw visions of delicate beauty that flowed seamlessly with nature. A vision of a primal soul adorned with magical jewels, in touch with the rhythm of life’s cycles. She dances in ecstasy and joy under the moon, by the fire, with the gentle earth caressing her feet. Always grounded and connected to the great mother. Her flowing skirt shimmery by the light of the moon, a smoky haze accentuates her softness, dust kicks up from the ground like a million sparkling stars. Her inner light is illuminated, and she shines both inside and out.

I absolutely love to create a feeling, an image, a style that evokes passion and inspiration in others. This rippling effect brings me great joy and this expression flows so effortlessly through me.

I feel like a painter, painting the canvas that is my body, adorning it with precious pieces of beautifully crafted clothing, magical jewels, feathers, and gems. I am transformed through this process. This is my alchemy.

Following my passion is one way I show love to myself….sharing it is my way of inspiring self love to all who cross my path.

With love, light and gratitude,

Helen  xx

© All images and text Gypsylovinlight 2015


  • Athena

    Hello gypsy soul sister ~
    You are so right, self love is something to be practiced everyday. As a wife, and mom to our 12 year old son, I find that I can become easily “distracted” and can quickly lose focus getting caught up in household chores, errands, home school, my jewelry business, and life in general. It is so important to take time out of each day to focus on ourselves and do something we enjoy so we can be reminded to let our inner goddess to shine. Something I work on everyday! I look forward to your inspiration! :)

    xo ~
    Athena Victory
    Victory Jewelry

  • gypsylovinlight

    Thank you so much gypsy goddess Athena! We can truly help so many women reclaim their inner goddess by simply living it ourselves. I’m so grateful for this connection with you and for you sharing your experiences. Much love xx

  • Robert

    Wonderful words from the heart. Such a privilege to read of your journey and how have re-awakened and reclaimed your passion! Totally inspiring and feels great to read… :)

  • Lisa Miller

    You sing my thoughts and feelings sista..Thankyou for sharing xx

  • Effy B.

    I’ve been reading your blog from it’s beginning and I just want to say that you’re a huge inspiration to me. It’s wonderful to see someone with such an amazing sense of style as well as being so spiritual and down to earth. I’m a 20 year old college student in the USA (chilly Minnesota specifically) graduating this May and you are what I hope I can make my life into…living in Australia first off (I’m looking into jobs there, at least being an au pair so I won’t have to worry so terribly about money as well as getting to spend time with children, whom I very much enjoy working with/spending time with), getting to the spiritual point where you are now (my love cup has become a little on the empty side), and slowly but surely building my wardrobe with items to support my style aesthetic.
    In short, I admire the life you have built for yourself and I admire your attitude, spirituality, and honesty, not even to mention your amazing sense of style (oh, to play dress up in your closet… :)
    I just needed to share my feelings and thoughts and let you know that you’re an inspiration on a variety of levels to a girl a continent away (but maybe not for long, hopefully ;). Namaste!

    • gypsylovinlight

      Oh lovely, that is the most beautiful feedback I have had yet! Thank you sooo sooo much! I am beyond happy that this new creative endeavour of mine is inspiring others, so my deepest gratitude to you for sharing your feelings :) I’m sure you will achieve all your dreams and we’ll be seeing you here in Aus! Much love, namaste gorgeous xx

  • Rona Pam

    So beautiful. Thank you for sharing your journey and how it started. I’m feeling like I, too, need to begin my journey, starting is the hardest thing for me.
    I will return often to read this again.
    Rona x

    • gypsylovinlight

      Thank you Rona…I’m very happy to bring some inspiration to your day and hope I can continue to bring that to all who cross my path here…much love n hugs to you lovely xxx

  • thelastbohemians

    I am so glad that I found you on Instagram and now have discovered your blog! You are very much an inspiration to me…I am a single mother of two boys and am always busy – working, cleaning or cooking. Up until a couple of months ago I had a wonderful man in my life that I felt a deep, soulful connection with. Sadly, he had a concussion a year ago and his entire personality changed from peacful and easy going to angry, paranoid and raging. Breaking up with him was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do since I have no family and I deeply miss how he used to be for the first four years before his accident….I am in the process of trying to now take time for myself, take care of myself and get to a peaceful, serene and centered place again. Some days it is very hard… You blog is so inspirational and healing at the same time. It has been so therapeutic to read it….Thank you so much for your inspiration and positive energy! Namaste ~ Christine

    • gypsylovinlight

      Oh lovely Christine, I’m so honoured that you find my blog an inspiration to you. Thank you so much from my heart to yours. And wow, what a hard journey you have been on lately. I can’t imagine the sadness and difficulty of such an experience, or how challenging it is to take care of your children with no family/support amidst it all. You are doing amazingly well woman! I’m so happy to hear you are taking time for you, taking care of you, considering all you have been/going through. Sending you some love, hugs, and joyous energy to continue to ignite that inner strength within you. So much love sistar xxx ♥

  • Zoe (@Gypsie_Sister)

    your story resonates deeply with me! so glad to have found your space.


  • adventurousandrea

    I’m loving your adventurous spirit and beautiful energy! Keep being your authentic self, goddess.

  • Victorya

    Hi Helen! Thank you for sharing your story and being so real!

    I came to your blog originally because I am doing blog outreach for a jewelry website, http://www.sadeesays.com , and the owner directed me to you. She loves your style and what you represent and came across your blog because we carry three of the designers you blogged about in your last post (Heather Gardner, Kami Art, and Haati Chai). I checked out your photos and admired your style, however when I came to your about page and learned more about you I had to leave a comment.

    I am a mother to an almost 2 year old and between work and a husband I forget about me. Not only have I forgotten about myself, I have been to busy to even realize it!!

    Your story is inspirational, and so many of us women with children and careers can relate. Thanks for the inspiration. I will private message you about a collaboration.


    • gypsylovinlight

      Thank you thank you thank you!!! To be able to inspire and connect with others, especially mother’s who resonate with my experiences, is exactly why I started this blog. It has been an incredibly challenging yet wonderful journey to rediscover myself and return to my heart, and now I want nothing more than to help awaken that same love for self in others. So much love and gratitude xxxxxx

  • Brandy Runae

    You are very inspirational, I have similar ambitions and am working towards educational goals to be a naturopath. As well, I too am a woman with a sensitive and creative light that burns within me. So thankful to have found you and your blog!

    Brandy Runae
    Child of Ethereal Light

  • Beth

    What a beautiful, inspirational blog you are producing – glad to have found it! Also, thank you for the product link in a recent post! xx

  • Karol Pabon

    I am in love woth ur boog and love ehat ur doing! I was wondering how I would go about giving u pieces I create?

    Thank u,


  • Tema

    Iv been following you on Instagram your amazing! Now I’ve started reading your blogs- as a soul mother of three its so nice to feel apart of a circle of amazing woman even if I Do not know them personally the comments always make my day! The pictures are truly beautiful with much love tema

    • gypsylovinlight

      Hi Tema, Thank you so much for your message and connection :) It’s wonderful to feel connected to like hearted souls…even if they are in the cyber world, the energy and love and support can still be felt, which makes it very real. Sending loads of love your way xxx ❤❤❤

  • kayla clark

    This seriously just made my day! Your beauty just radiates off you from the inside out!!! Im a 20 year old college student from California, and just trying to ignite my inner beauty and do things for myself!! I have struggled my whole life with crippling depression and panic disorder…. feel like I am constantly followed by this black cloud, that wont let me truly express myself, not to mention my intense fear of being judged by others. Just want to have fun! and be creative! Cant remember the last time I ever did something for myself lol.. Anyways in short, this was beautiful, and so are you! Thank you for making my day and putting a smile on my face :) xoxo

    • gypsylovinlight

      Oh babe, it’s comments like this that make my day!!! And remind me why I love doing this blog so much :) Thanks for connecting and so glad to hear you are taking steps to nurture yourself and do things you love!!! I can relate to your journey and I’m sending you so much love and peace to be just who you are xxxx

  • Bec

    What a beautiful person you are both inside and out! Love your raw honesty and inspiring spiritual words. Keep up the wonderful work x

  • Sara

    Dear Helen,

    Thank you for sharing your journey & experience of motherhood. As a new mumma I am struggling to hold on to my sense of identity, as I feel everything has changed for me. I try not to judge myself or compare myself to other mums, but a lot of the time this gets the better of me. At the end of the day I just want to be the best person & mum that I can be, while maintaining my own sense of self. Thanking for showing me that this is possible.

    • gypsylovinlight

      Hi Sara, Thanks for your message and sharing with me. There are still many challenging days for me, but I remind myself all the time, to be easy on myself. As mothers, we do the best we can, with what we have, and what we know. And that is enough. Allow yourself to simply be, let go of those inner judgements, and listen to your heart. It is full of unconditional love for your child and for yourself, and it will always lead you on the right path. So much love beautiful xxxxx

  • Sienna

    Hello beautiful!
    Let me just say that you inspire me everyday through your beautiful pictures and all of your amazing clothes and jewelry, I hope one day I can have your wardrobe, it’s my dream closet! Anyway, I resonate much with this and I have felt for a long time an emptiness and you can say depression that I have never been able to fix. I am going through a transition in my life where I am self reflecting and trying to learn to love myself, it can be hard! I am also so interested we have a similar path because I want to be in the hoilistic/naturopath field. I am too a healer :) I am in college right now getting my associates & sometimes wonder if I’m on the right track, I don’t know many people that have a clue of what I want to do. Thank you for your kind beautiful words it struck something in me and I am glad I was lead here. Love and light. Namaste :)

    • gypsylovinlight

      Oh YAY thank you Sienna for sharing with me :) I’m honoured and so happy my blog has inspired you. It’s not always easy to know which way to go…the only thing that leads me now in life is my heart…I ask myself every day “what am I most passionate about” and “what brings me joy” and I do those things as much as I can. Follow your heart gorgeous. So much love to you xxxxx

  • Mariette

    You look like a Goddes to me from the outside, and now reading about you, I see you are a verry wise soul from the inside.! You inspire me each time I see your amasing pictures on Instagram.. I thank you for that light you shine .. XX from Holland

  • Bonnie Suttom

    I hang onto every element that makes up your vision, truly inspired by everything you embody:) I feel that our souls are very much alike and when I read your story it gave me reassurance about decisions in my own life, peace and blessings from your fellow hippie gypsy constantly daydreaming of wonderlust.

  • gal

    I’m a newbie at blogging and I’m happy to find people I can relate too….I’m currently working on not being too hard on myself and letting myself just flow with life rather than getting reassurance from my surroundings that I’m ok and making sure I’m always doing what I’m expected to do. I hope that writing would be a good healing process for me and a way to let my soul free…. I love your photos and free spirited approach too life.

    • gypsylovinlight

      Thank you so much for your lovely message :) And so wonderful to hear you are taking care of yourself and listening to your heart. Thanks for inspiring me today. Much love xx

  • delice

    your singing my song honey and your voice is divine x

  • emmajane

    Thanks gypsylovinglight
    I realy needed to read this today! I stumble across this at a time when I was starting to question my worth as a mother, lover, friend, woman & creator. Very easy to loose faith in yourself when your trying to launch a business with your craft, tough times! Thanks for the read, I complety relate.

    emmajane x

    • gypsylovinlight

      Oh yay!! That is wonderful that my words and journey have brought inspiration to you today lovely :) It’s such a challenge at times to do so much. Always know you are always enough, regardless of how much you can do. You are enough. So much love xxxx

  • kerryafrika

    What a coincidence, I came across your blog, I am in process of Self-Love xoxoxo Yes you inspire me <3 such beauty and light!

  • Riwa

    This is so inspirational and you are so inspirational! We are all capable of doing great things. I love the work that you do and I hope you go on to do even greater things.

  • Danielle Reynolds

    It is amazing how the universe works. I would say I stumbled upon your page but I believe that if we pay attention we are actually being led. Your words and journey really resonate with me. Being a mother and creative soul myself I feel that same internal struggle. It was very inspiring to read about your transformation and is definitely motivating on many levels. Thank you and I’m so excited to follow your beautiful blog!

    • gypsylovinlight

      Thank you so much! I’m so happy you made it to my blog :) It’s beautiful messages like these that absolutely make my day. I’m so happy to be a catalyst for inspiration and healing in others. There is no higher calling for me. So much love xxxx

  • Autumn

    Thank you for sharing your heart. I feel we are on such a similar path, it’s so encouraging to read this! I never fully understood myself or awoke to who I am I untill having my beautiful children. I’ve spent the last 4 years creating life, so to speak, I’m now starting my journey of living it and for the first time in a long time a feel whole, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I can’t emphasize enough how important deconstructing my life has been, simplifying down to the basic beauty of love. I am so greatful to hear of others who have gone through similar processes. What a blessing to have found this today!

  • Harmony

    Beautiful Helen, I never leave comments but I had to tell you that my journey to finding myself again, my long lost truth, began when I saw an instagram picture of you. You are a magical being and you emanate a guiding love. I am so grateful for the accidental push of a button that lead me to witness you. Blessings to your soul always…
    So so thankful and so in love with life again : )
    xo Harmony

    • gypsylovinlight

      Oh wow thank you so much harmony! This is possibly the most beautiful feedback i’ve ever received. To be able to inspire another to find themselves again…this brings me such joy and fills my heart with love. So much love to you and deepest gratitude xxxxxx

  • missesboy

    I am so with you. Crazy how motherhood helps you tune into your passions. I almost felt like I had to see myself (the good, the bad and the ugly) with no filter to realize how uniquely blessed I was and that I was never meant to be like the other moms. Thank you for sharing your heart and passion, it really is a big inspiration. Even with no words, the pictures speak volumes


    • gypsylovinlight

      Thank you so much! Motherhood brings so many gifts and challenges with it. Feeling so blessed to be a woman and experience this journey. Thank you for connecting, so much love xxxx

  • elena vivek

    sorella, amata ! ho letto … ho percepito … un meraviglioso brivido lungo la schiena mi ha attraversata perchè, anche se siamo molto lontane, siamo invece così intime e vicine.
    amo quello che fai e in me la gratitudine fluisce e mi riempie il cuore.
    cammino con te, nella gioia profonda e allegra che questa Vita ci regala ogni giorno.
    elena vivek

    p.s. non scrivo inglese purtroppo, scusami, utilizzo il SANTO traduttore :-)

    • gypsylovinlight

      Thank you so much for your beautiful message! I used the google translator to read it and I could feel the love in your words. Many thanks and so much love xxxxxxxx

  • Veronica

    Your life style, your look, your thoughts and your way to express yourself are exactely what I need to be positive in life and to learn how to love myself. Thank you for that, I was looking for something, and I found your words. Now I know that is possible to be better everyday.

  • kerrie

    My best friend sent me the link to this About page a month or so ago, when I was in a REALLY bad, dark, horrible place.

    At the time I didn’t have the focus, clarity or even energy to read it. My mind was distracted and chaotic and all over the place. I have coursing with nervous energy and couldn’t imagine a time when I would read this and have it resonate with me – despite once being a very peaceful, calm, light-filled soul.

    A few circumstantial shifts later and I have managed to somehow restore my peace and calmness. I found the link and have re-read the above and this time it speaks to me in the loudest volumes.

    Thank you for your beautiful words Helen. You’re a beautiful soul and I look forward to following your blog (coincidentally I already followed you on Instagram when my friend sent me this link – it was meant to be!).

    Thanks again – love and light and best wishes always, Kerrie xx

    • gypsylovinlight

      Oh beautiful Kerrie, thank you for this message. It fills my heart with love and happiness that it has resonated with you. BIG love and gratitude xxxxx

  • Hannah Little

    Hi Gypsy,
    What an amazing story. Though mine might not be quite as intense, I’m on a similar journey – and I identify. I just can’t do “normal” life anymore!
    I would like to send you a necklace I’ve made that I think you will really like. Please let me know where to send it!


  • pamela

    Hola Gitana… realmente es muy gratificante para mi encontrarte, hace años que vengo en busqueda de mi, de mi espíritu de liberación , al conocerte y leer tu historia me sentí muy identificada, hace unos años me recibí de diseñadora y en busqueda de mi camino de liberación y mi gusto verdadero cree una marca, la cual la llame Gypsy&ForLove , en el pueblo en donde vivo aun no entienden el concepto, pero luchare hasta el final para que este proyecto se vea reflejado en muchas mujeres, que buscan y pasan por lo mismo que una.
    Te quiero dar las gracias y un abrazo desde aca enorme de luz por aparecer en mi camino , realmente me diste fuerzas e inspiracion para seguir luchando por mis sueños.

  • Anitra

    Thank you.

  • Ariane

    I’m absolutely inspired by your pictures and now that I red your bio I’m even more inspired, I love the fact that you don’t play this it comes deep from your heart and that is what I also see and feel!

    Keep doing this great work :) I absolutely admire you!

    Much love from Austria (Europe)

  • Bridge Daley

    To the inspirational Helen
    It started with buying some of your exquisite pieces online.
    Then I was intrigued by the magical being who adorned them.
    As an intuitive empath, I felt your light. It’s palpable, so luminous ,so warm and Devine.
    The incredible fabric, style and glistening jewels that you wear reflect the soul within you.
    You are divinely gifted, with a beautiful soul and most importantly your feet are very grounded in Mother Earth
    Thank you for being real
    Thank you for inspiring me on my path of love and light
    May you continue to illuminate your path and so many others
    Much heartfelt love
    Miss Bridge x

  • Frankie


    Having just read your last blog post, I thought of this quote we wrote for The Native State back in 2012. It reminds me of you.

    I hope you’re having a beautiful day.

    Frankie x

  • Gaelle

    Dear Helen,

    Thank you for your beautiful pictures and texts. I think I am at the beginning of you path. I am French, mother of 2 little 3 and 5 year old girls. But this path to self confidence, peacefulness and stop blaming myself is so long and hard, that I am often discouraged. From my motherhood, I realized I never listened to myself and tried to silence myself not to disturb my parents. So I think I locked myself and never developed taste, willings and passions. It is very hard for me to feel intense feeling and to feel connected to the other and to the world because of the immuring of my feelings I made myself.
    But you show the way !
    Kind regards,

    Gaëlle (FRANCE)

    PS: sorry for my mistakes in English !

    • gypsylovinlight

      Hey lovely! Thank you for reaching out and connecting. It’s such a challenge being a mother and I really can understand your challenges. I hope that my blog and following my passion will help bring some inspiration to you. Remember how amazing you are and take good care of yourself. Lots of love xx

  • Nicole

    That was lovely xx I enjoyed reading about you

  • Ruth

    Hello Helen , a couple of weeks I met your blog. As is so normal in my day, I reviewed above each of your post , but from the first I fell in love at first sight.
    I am an interior designer , and Fridays I usually dedicate a post to fashion, you had to be yes or yes in my blog.
    Today was the day , and I’ve gone straight to meet with you a little more.
    I have read your words … and although translated by google (I live in Spain ) I could capture everything that we want to convey every day with your images .
    To be honest , I have been excited, deeply admire people who found himself. People who have learned to love and love themselves from beginning to end , really admire them , because I think a really complicated task.
    Maybe I’m going through a time like this … negative in my life myself , and although I am a fighter anything, I do not spend on me all the strength or energy to change this.
    I am sure, like you, there are activities that would disconnect me to the point I could find myself …. and although I know what they are, I must devote time.
    I ‘m glad I found this alo hope … I love your style , and everything that comes close to the sea … I identify a lot with you.
    A greeting !!!
    I write today on my blog about you and recommend your jewelry on ebay.
    Greetings from Spain .


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  • Playa Payaya

    Beautiful blog and style inspiration ♥ Amazing photos – instant wish to travel and be on the beach everytime we see your photos ♥

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  • Anonymous

    Pls tell me shop location

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  • Peter

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  • Lesley Hughes

    I am feeling very quite shaken at the moment, after reading such a powerful and emotion packed piece of writing about you! I can resonate totally with you – perhaps why the tingly and teary response…..
    I saw so much of my youth in what I was reading – I like you am a creative “gypsy” soul who got lost for what seemed like decades, in a loveless and negative environment, centring all my energies on raising my two beautiful daughters and supporting a man who I had known and loved since a teenager.
    My long marriage ended years ago now and I am now happily living by the surf coast, after wandering around trying to find “my place”. The sea has always been my positive energy force, and I now know I am living in my destined place.
    My passions are creative – a love of textiles, sewing, knitting, yoga, gardening & eating fabulous organic creations. I too have taken up my guitar again, and learning all over again with the help (and patience) of “beaches”; a loving surfer and fantastic guitarist, who I met nearly a year ago now, also going through a new life when in middle age.
    I have learned to love myself again, not judge myself and to give lovingly to everyone and everything – to let go of what needed to go and embrace my new life with passion and energy! Life is good x

  • Malin

    Hi lovely ..

    This is so absolutely gorgeus written♥️
    My tears are running down my cheeks and I cant let go of this feelings I share with you.
    The feelings of becoming a mom of two – the best feeling in the world(!) but somehow never get inner peace. Always striving for something more and thinking everything can always be done better – and never to be satisfied.
    I now learned that many things in my life is to becoming a ‘resposible kid’ at a early age.
    Witness what mental disorder of your closest, is all about – and how I did not know, the impact it had on me.

    I’m getting better slowly and yoga is truly my passion.

    I can so relate to you in the way you have been and where I want to be at the end.

    Thank you for being an inspiration♥️

    I hope to be that one day myself.

    Sending much good energy your’ way sweetie ♥️

    Im a follower of yours on instagram and if you want to see my world im @mittlilleglimt


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