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May 24, 2014

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Days spent immersed in creating art, drawing, styling, writing, playing my guitar, drumming, walking barefoot on the beach, swimming naked in the ocean, dreaming, exploring, falling in love, morning cuddles, dancing under the moonlit sky…..these are just a few of my favourite things in this amazing life. So grateful.


I love taking time each day to reflect upon all that I love and all that the moment has to offer us.


With love and gratitude,

Helen xx


Photography – Bobby Bense, Helen Janneson Bense

Model/Styling – Helen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento Beach, Western Australia


Outfit Details

Lila Safari Maxi Skirt – Sea Dreamer

Moonlight Dreamer Kimono – Kivari

Top + Necklace + BanglesFree People

Bolo necklace, Lapis ring, Natalie Ring, Dylana Ring, Dreamweaver cuffKaren London

Inspiration Mandala Ring + Connection Mandala ringThe Fifth Element Life – Use code ‘GYPSYLOVINLIGHT’ for 5% off all mandala rings

Silver staking rings – Minc Collections

Dogeared arrow ring | Silver chevron rings | Nikdreamer crescent moon midi ring

Coin necklace + bracelet – Arrow Divine

Vintage OOAK belt – Rossioroos



Hobo + Hatch

May 3, 2014

IMG_0918 IMG_0891 IMG_0928 IMG_0919 IMG_0907 IMG_0921IMG_0923 IMG_0930 IMG_0916 IMG_0890 IMG_0944IMG_0901 IMG_0894 IMG_0962 IMG_0987 IMG_0948 IMG_0958 IMG_0982 IMG_0951 IMG_0959

A few weeks ago…or maybe even a month now (WOW!) I had the pleasure of visiting the Hobo + Hatch pop up shop down south in the beautiful town Cowaramup, in the Margaret River wine region. The vibe and beauty of this town and shop was so relaxing…I didn’t want to leave! If you get the chance to stop by on your travels it’s a must! So many of my favourite labels like Rue Stiic + Arrow Divine all in the one place. And what a space it is! So perfectly decked out with peacock chairs, divine tapestries, worldly jewels and cow skulls. See pics below!! I was lucky enough to pick up one of their yakadiyak wool/cotton shawls and it’s been keeping me warm and cosy during this sudden seasonal shift right into winter! And not only are they divine, each purchase supports communities in Nepal. “By purchasing from our Yakadiyak range you’ve helped make a small difference in the lives of others. We will continue to donate our time & money to the Nepalese community that touched our hearts & forever changed our soul” – Leona, Hobo + Hatch. Nothing better than wearing conscious clothing. Feels soooo good in so many ways :))))

These photos featuring this beautiful scarf, were taken a couple of weeks ago when summer was still hanging around for one last party :) The golden light in the afternoon seems to intensify during this time of year. The sunsets are so brilliant and deep, just like the autumn leaves. It’s yet another magical time of year with so much beauty to be thankful for.


Photography – Bobby Bense, Helen Janneson Bense

Model/Styling – Helen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento Beach, Western Australia


Outfit Details

Shawl  (natural) – Hobo + Hatch | Instagram | Facebook | Visit in person shop 2, 64 Bussell Hwy, Cowaramup, Western Australia

Daisy flower crown – Eterie

Dress – Spell Designs

Necklaces – Soul Loving Jewelry moonstone mala | Chinta rose quartz | Spell Designs Gypsy

Kimono – Myee Carlyle

Rings – Rico Designs Rhodonite | Elephant (similar) | Sun wrap | Moonglow | Blooming flower | Mermaid by Hand wave | Heart Majestic silver knuckle ring

Bangles – Free People | Sunahara | Shayote Isis wrap

Beanie – Spell Designs

Cloudbreak anklet – Roadtrip Jewellery


And here are some photos of the Hobo + Hatch pop up store and bts hanging out with owner and beauty Leona..and seriously loving her outfit soooo much! Shop it HERE + HERE + HERE xx


With love and gratitude,

Helen xx


IMG_9571 IMG_9572 IMG_9576 IMG_9579 IMG_9590 IMG_9586 IMG_9584 IMG_9593







Crystal Flower Child

February 15, 2014

IMG_5782 IMG_5821IMG_5727IMG_5720IMG_5835IMG_5778IMG_5735IMG_5760IMG_5815IMG_5775IMG_5781IMG_5770IMG_5800IMG_5804IMG_5830IMG_5769IMG_5817 IMG_5808

Windswept and bathed in light, adorned in flowers and crystals, my inner child free to play. This was a really fun photoshoot. The afternoon wind, or as commonly known here “The Freo Doctor” was in full effect. Rather than resisting it, I utilised the energy to it’s full magnitude. My dreamcatcher became my kite as I danced around the beach, watching the strings of lace flying in the sky. The beach was quiet this afternoon, filled only with a few kindred souls playing….mermaids, kite surfers, skim boarders. It was such an inspiring and playful energy that surrounded me. Highly contagious :)

I had the chance to style some gorgeous local pieces from Princess Poppy Co, a company based here in Fremantle, WA. I love supporting local business and especially when they produce beautiful pieces of art. Also wearing my favourite crystal jewels from Arrow Divine. I had the pleasure of meeting the talented designer behind this label while I was interstate over the holidays. I have followed them on instagram for awhile now and watched each collection grow and expand creatively and I am forever inspired and impressed. Some Arrow Divine is definitely a must have for any jewellery lover.

And this dress! Thanks Free People for such a stunning easy everyday beach dress. Such a flattering fit, super soft rayon, perfect distressing, and a great layering piece. It’s one of those basics that you can style so many ways, that also works perfectly on it’s own. For more of my Free People styling check out my Free People Me page here.

Whatever the weather is, wherever you beautiful beings are, infuse some bright light into your day with crisp whites, clear crystals and sparkling waters. A lake, a river, a stream, the beach or even a pond. Water has many healing qualities and to be near it is to bring you closer to your heart space.

With love and gratitude xx

Outfit Details

Flower crown, Custom Dream catcher ~ Princess Poppy Co | Instagram | Facebook

Free Spirited necklace, Molten Rock Clear Quartz ring ~ Arrow Divine | Instagram | Facebook

Tattered Up Shred Dress ~ Free People | Instagram | Facebook

Harmony bikini top ~ Gypsy Junkies via Revolve Clothing

Bracelet/Cuffs ~ St. Eve Jewelry, Spell Designs

Rings ~ Laura Shipp Jewellery, Mania Mania, Elephant ring (similar), Vintage

Feathers and Fringe

February 12, 2014

IMG_5535IMG_5490 IMG_5561 IMG_5546IMG_5493IMG_5556IMG_5475IMG_5576IMG_5459IMG_5553IMG_5499IMG_5449IMG_5514 IMG_5524 IMG_5467 IMG_5571 IMG_5473

This post was inspired by my love of feathers and fringe. I love the light, delicate beauty they possess…the way they are brought to life by even the gentlest of breezes.

These photos were taken on a particularly magical afternoon exploring bush lands in the Perth hills. Dressed in feathers and fringe, I walked barefoot upon this sacred land, my feet kissing the earth, and the earth kissing them back. The smell of eucalyptus was in the air, the taste on my tongue. As the scorching sun blazed down, I found respite amongst the transitory shadows. I watched ants and lizards scurrying along the earth’s stage going about their daily business. I listened to the joyful birdsong, my heart full and happy. At some point I realised I had slipped into the silent gap. I was the observer now, witness to all around me. And it was bliss.

I want to take this moment to thank you all for your ongoing support not only here on my blog, but on Instagram and Facebook too. You guys are a part of this journey too. I feel so lucky for this opportunity to bring inspiration to your days, which only fuels my creative passion even further.

With heart felt gratitude, I thank you and I love you all xxxxxx

Outfit Details

Fringe Skirt ~ Ixiah

Feather earrings ~ Wild and Free Jewellery

Thunderbird necklace ~ Hunter Gatherer Jewellery

Snake Arm Cuff ~ Grace Bijoux

Feather Head dress ~ Ginger Owl – A BIG thank you to the lovely Ginger Owl for letting me borrow this magnificent piece of art!

Stretch tube dress ~ Splendid via Shop Bop

Rings ~ Spell Designs, Arrow Divine, Sunahara, Lakota Jewellery

Cuffs ~ Alushia Sanchia, Spell Designs

The Anchored Sailor

January 28, 2014


“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails” ~ Elizabeth Edwards

Whether I’m standing amidst a storm, engaged in a conflict, or enveloped by a crowd, I adjust my sails, flow with the currents, and remain anchored in my motion through my love for self, so that nothing can disperse me.

This is a particularly good practice for me to protect myself when I’m in large crowds. In summer we often photograph amongst many people, working around them, constantly adjusting our sails. Some days there are those that love to extend their boundaries that little bit too far. This photo-shoot took place on a bridge on the harbour near our home. The foot traffic from the bar at the end of the bridge to the car park was pretty heavy, and there were some very funny and drunk people passing us. Most smiled as they watched us create, others whispered to themselves as they giggled at us, and some even dared to photobomb. It was all actually quite amusing and just a little bit of fun. Though then there were a few that pushed the boundary too far, to that low vibrational place with verbal abuse. This is something that has the potential to unhinge me. But thankfully not on this day. I remained anchored, adjusted my sails, and continued creating in my high vibrational state. I sent some love and light their way, as I realised they needed it more than I did in that moment. And so we carried on having fun and creating magic together, never allowing our loving energy to be swept aside by another.

People can sense your vibrational state, and it can ignite defence mechanisms in some. And defence can then quite easily become the first act of war. Stay anchored in love and never let your light dim to make someone else around you more comfortable.

With love and light xx

Outfit details

Lana singlet ~ Marho

Indian Summer Shorts ~ Spell Designs

Arm cuff ~ Grace Bijoux

Rings ~ Arrow Divine, Lakota Jewellery, Mermaid by Hand, Mania Mania, Heart Majestic, Laura Shipp Jewellery, Ichu Jewellery

Circle of Life Charity Necklace ~ Anna Beck

Bracelets ~ Penny for your Thoughts Jewellery

Summer Fedora ~ Seed Heritage

Adorn thyself with LOVE

January 20, 2014


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” ~ Gautama Buddha

Each day when I dress and adorn myself in precious jewellery and clothing, it’s an act of love. I take the time, amongst the many demands from my children, to centre myself and discover what resonates with me each morning. Some days, well most days ;) I want a lot of jewels and other days, I prefer a more minimalistic look. It really depends on my mood. As for my style, well that is the same too. I love fashion, though I don’t tend to follow trends. I wear clothes that I’m drawn to, that I feel reflect my present energy, my soul. I prefer to think of my personal style as a reflection of my inner spirit. It begins as a blank, unpainted canvas, awaiting a brush, full of infinite possibilities, that is completely and utterly boundless. I never know what it’s going to become each day, and that is very exciting!

Paint your canvas with all the colours of the rainbow, paint it with love for yourself, and adorn yourself in all that brings joy to your heart and soul.

I’m so happy to announce that in collaboration with Tysa Designs, we are giving away one of these amazing Wanderlust dresses (as pictured above). To enter follow the instructions below:

  • Repost the giveaway picture on Instagram (see below)
  • Follow and tag @tysadesigns and @gyspylovinlight
  • Hashtag #tysagiveaway
  • Make sure your account is set to public so we can see your entry
  • Winner will be drawn Monday 27th January 2014 (AWST) and announced on Instagram.


With love and gratitude xx

Outfit Details

Wanderlust Dress (Jade) ~ Tysa Designs

Mali headpiece, Snake arm cuff ~ Grace Bijoux

Custom Crystal Necklace ~ Rico Designs

Circle of Life charity necklace ~ Anna Beck (100% proceeds from these necklaces go to support a vital and much needed women’s health clinic in Bali – see more here)

Rings ~ Arrow Divine, Seawolf, Spell Designs, Laura Shipp Jewellery, Children of Flowers, Vintage

Bracelets/Cuffs ~ Spell Designs, Penny for your Thoughts Jewellery

Rainbows and Lovehearts

January 17, 2014

IMG_4418 IMG_4471IMG_4409IMG_4431IMG_4469IMG_4428 IMG_4446IMG_4425 IMG_4416

Surrender, let go and trust in the flow of life. There is so much peace when we accept what is. Breathe in love, breathe out gratitude. Replace each stressful thought with a peaceful thought. Retrain your brain.

No matter what your circumstances might be, allow yourself moments of complete peace, where you can surrender all your stressful thoughts….even if just for a moment. They will still be there, but hopefully the more you practice this peaceful way, the less power they will have over you.

I spent last weekend floating in the turquoise seas of serenity, releasing all my stressful thoughts, giving it all up to gaia. Happiness was bursting from every cell of my being. Something magical is bound to happen when you combine rainbows, love hearts, turquoise and the ocean ;) I’ve felt so revitalised all week and I plan on doing it all over again this weekend! :)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend full of beauty, love, joy and peace :)

With rainbow love and light xx

Outfit Details

70’s Rainbow BikiniWildfox via Lexi & Roy

Akina Kimono (Ocean) ~ Myee Carlyle

Agate necklace ~ Heather Gardner

Rings ~ Arrow Divine, Seawolf, Spell Designs, Laura Shipp Jewellery, Children of Flowers, Vintage

Turquoise Thunderstuck cuff ~ Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Lotus Love Bracelet ~ Penny for your Thoughts Jewellery

Barefoot crochet sandals ~ Aqua Blanca Swimwear

Sweet Surrender

October 19, 2013

IMG_9570 IMG_9666 IMG_9642 IMG_9653 IMG_9617 IMG_9576 IMG_9630 IMG_9648IMG_9563IMG_9678 IMG_9683IMG_2679 IMG_2580IMG_9753 IMG_9751IMG_9731 IMG_9744 IMG_9730 IMG_9726 IMG_9756

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” ~ Joseph Campbell

This quote is so very fitting for last weekend’s adventures. We set off north to the coast for some surfing and mermaiding. We found ourselves in a secret surf spot exploring heavily eroded limestone caves. We were surrounded by sharp, brittle and super dangerous caverns that were so breaktakingly beautiful. Regardless of the danger and repelling nature I was so drawn to them. I sat within this natural shelter, in complete awe, as I watched mother nature’s power. Uncomfortable at first, I soon began to face each fearful thought with acceptance. I realised that fear is not something to escape, but rather something to find comfort in. To allow fear space to simply be, to melt into it, you discharge it. This once arid and unhospitable environment had become my centre for meditative reflection. Once I had found this place of comfort within, that initial draw to be there had vanished. Almost instantaneously I found myself laying in the sand watching the offshore waves roll in. A day of sunshine, surf and mermaiding followed.

I took a large swag of some recent clothing and jewelry faves with me to the beach. I had soooooo much fun playing dress ups out in nature, deeply inspired by her beauty.

Another of my favourite quotes that pretty much sums up the rest of the afternoon ~ “Laying low with our toes in the sea, I’ll be your mermaid, I’ll be your sea queen.” ~ unknown source.

Surrender to your fears and allow them to simply be…you will soon discover they will no longer hold any power over you.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

Outfit 1 Details  

Lace cami, spun sparkle scarf (Ivory) ~ Subtle Luxury

Rupal headpiece ~ Haati Chai

Beach pants ~ Clover Love

Gypsy Anklet ~ Victory Jewelry

Around the world – first class necklace ~ Penny for your Thoughts Jewellery (PFYT)

Rings ~ Children of Flowers, Laura Shipp Jewellery, Vintage, Ichu Jewellery, Heart Majestic, The 2 Bandits

Cuffs/Bracelets ~ Arrow Divine, PFYT, Alushia Sanchia, The Boho Bazaar

Outfit 2

Sandy Shores Flower crown ~ Wild and Free Jewelry

Lola dress ~ Spell Designs

Honolulu necklace ~ Roadtrip Jewellery

Boho Feather necklace ~ Heather Gardner

Rings ~ Anna Beck, Spell Designs, Children of Flowers, Cleopatra’s Bling

Outfit 3 and 4

Sienna silk cami, Lace cluny tank (Ivory) ~ Subtle Luxury

Lace shorts ~ wardrobe

Lola Tassel Coat ~ Spell Designs from Lexi & Roy

Sandy Shores Flower crown ~ Wild and Free Jewelry

Honolulu necklace/bracelet ~ Roadtrip Jewellery

Ladder breastplate necklace ~ Luv by the Moon Jewelry

Bone feather necklace ~ Heather Gardner

Rings ~ Anna Beck, Spell Designs, Children of Flowers, Cleopatra’s Bling

Subtle Luxury

October 15, 2013

IMG_2410 IMG_2389 IMG_9382IMG_9329 IMG_9256 IMG_2407 IMG_9236

I love nothing more than to be comfortable in the clothes I’m in. And to feel luxurious as well. With this in between weather in perth I’m obsessed with oversized super soft sweaters and cardis for the cooler evenings. I’m also loving silky kimonos paired with camis that loosely hug your body and caress your skin so perfectly. I’ve recently discovered the most amazing label, Subtle Luxury, who make some exquisite pieces that ooze bohemian style, luxury and comfort. Spun scarves, silk kimonos, cashmere sweaters….in heavenly colours/patterns with subtle details that raise them to that next level. It’s my kind style for home and out and about town.

Here’s a collection of photos from the past week, from the comfort of my own home.

I’m also pleased to announce that Subtle Luxury are offering you all a chance to win one of their amazing spun scarves (pictured in the giveaway photo).


  1. Follow Subtle Luxury on both Facebook and Instagram
  2. Repost the giveaway picture on Instagram (see below)
  3. Follow and tag both @subtleluxury and @gypsylovinlight and hashtag #subtleluxurygiveaway when reposting the giveaway picture
  4. Make sure your profile is set to public so we can see your repost
  5. Entrants must be 18 years and over
  6. Winner will be drawn on Friday 25th October (Perth, WST)


Wishing you all luck! These are the most beautiful scarves ever!!

Here’s to feeling like a goddess at home, or anywhere for that matter, each and every day.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

Outfit 1

Lace cami, Spun sparkle scarf ~ Subtle Luxury

Harem Pants ~ Clover Fashion

Circle of Life Reversible disk charity necklace ~ Anna Beck Jewelry 100% of proceeds from Anna Beck go to supporting Bumi Sehat and the work of Robin Lim, an amazing, generous woman saving the lives of women and babies in Bali.

Around the world necklace ~ Penny For Your Thoughts Jewellery

Summer Fedora ~ Seed Heritage

Rings ~ Laura Shipp Jewellery, Ichu JewelleryHeart Majestic

Cuffs/Bracelets ~ Arrow DivineAlushia SanchiaThe Boho Bazaar

Outfit 2

Custom silk kimono ~ Subtle Luxury

Ajrakh bikini ~ Tigerlily

Emerald Agate necklace ~ Heather Gardner

Rings/Bracelets ~ Anna BeckSpell DesignsAlushia SanchiaSunaharaNikDreamer

Just breathe…

October 4, 2013


An arrow can be shot only by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great” ~ Unknown

I’ve been plunged once again into practising the skill of being ever present and unconditionally accepting of what is. My health has been somewhat compromised once again and with few answers in sight, I’ve found that to really feel well I’ve had to make peace with what is.  The first and most important step for me is always breathing. Whenever life throws me a curveball, I just breathe and ride it like a wave. I’m not sure if you guys remember that spinning I had a few months back…it’s actually called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo….well BPPV has decided to make another appearance in my life. A little scarier this time, as the first time it was just passed off as a virus. Now more tests….it’s always a bit daunting waiting for test results. Again I breathe…..

I’ve also had to slow down my life, and be really choosy about what I want to spend my time and energy doing, and what is most nurturing for me. Slowing down my very demanding work schedule has been extremely helpful. I’ve already noticed improvements in my symptoms. I’ve been working as a biomedical naturopath, helping autistic children for so long now, and as much as I love my work, it is mentally and emotionally very taxing. My services are in high demand, so for the past year it’s almost been a bit like a ticking time bomb, me pushing the boundaries, and wondering at what point will it be too much…well I think I just found the fine edge of that point and I don’t want to push anymore. I’ll take the warning sign with gratitude and humbly slow down.

Now I slow down, I breathe through the discomfort, and I practise finding my centre, even though at times I feel as though I’m being plunged through space in the gravitron. We all have the power to heal our lives, and illness is always an opportunity for great healing and growth.

Each day there are opportunities for self discovery. To rewrite the rules you make for your life. Choice. We determine what and how and when and why. Our reality is our own so make it how you want it to be. Dream, surrender, trust and follow your heart. It will not lead you astray.

With so much love and deepest gratitude,

Helen xx

Outfit Details

Sunstrung Knit Top ~ Ixiah ON SALE!!

Buddha’s belt ~ Child of Wild

Around the World – First Class necklace ~ Penny For Your Thoughts Jewellery 

Bracelets ~ Arrow Divine, House of Harlow 1960, Vintage

Rings ~ Ichu Jewellery from Silver Squirrel, Vanessa Mooney, Laura Shipp Jewellery, Heart Majestic, Mania Mania , Vintage

Webster Black Calf Boots ~ Diavolina

Hat and Pants ~ from wardrobe

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