Hobo + Hatch

May 3, 2014

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A few weeks ago…or maybe even a month now (WOW!) I had the pleasure of visiting the Hobo + Hatch pop up shop down south in the beautiful town Cowaramup, in the Margaret River wine region. The vibe and beauty of this town and shop was so relaxing…I didn’t want to leave! If you get the chance to stop by on your travels it’s a must! So many of my favourite labels like Rue Stiic + Arrow Divine all in the one place. And what a space it is! So perfectly decked out with peacock chairs, divine tapestries, worldly jewels and cow skulls. See pics below!! I was lucky enough to pick up one of their yakadiyak wool/cotton shawls and it’s been keeping me warm and cosy during this sudden seasonal shift right into winter! And not only are they divine, each purchase supports communities in Nepal. “By purchasing from our Yakadiyak range you’ve helped make a small difference in the lives of others. We will continue to donate our time & money to the Nepalese community that touched our hearts & forever changed our soul” – Leona, Hobo + Hatch. Nothing better than wearing conscious clothing. Feels soooo good in so many ways :))))

These photos featuring this beautiful scarf, were taken a couple of weeks ago when summer was still hanging around for one last party :) The golden light in the afternoon seems to intensify during this time of year. The sunsets are so brilliant and deep, just like the autumn leaves. It’s yet another magical time of year with so much beauty to be thankful for.


Photography – Bobby Bense, Helen Janneson Bense

Model/Styling – Helen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento Beach, Western Australia


Outfit Details

Shawl  (natural) – Hobo + Hatch | Instagram | Facebook | Visit in person shop 2, 64 Bussell Hwy, Cowaramup, Western Australia

Daisy flower crown – Eterie

Dress – Spell Designs

Necklaces – Soul Loving Jewelry moonstone mala | Chinta rose quartz | Spell Designs Gypsy

Kimono – Myee Carlyle

Rings – Rico Designs Rhodonite | Elephant (similar) | Sun wrap | Moonglow | Blooming flower | Mermaid by Hand wave | Heart Majestic silver knuckle ring

Bangles – Free People | Sunahara | Shayote Isis wrap

Beanie – Spell Designs

Cloudbreak anklet – Roadtrip Jewellery


And here are some photos of the Hobo + Hatch pop up store and bts hanging out with owner and beauty Leona..and seriously loving her outfit soooo much! Shop it HERE + HERE + HERE xx


With love and gratitude,

Helen xx


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LOVEleigh x

February 19, 2014

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I feel very honoured to share with you all a little about the super lovely Morgan, inspirational designer and creator of LOVEleigh designs. I feel so privileged to wear her divine clothing, knowing that each piece goes to supporting people in great need. Nothing better than wearing conscious clothing you love, knowing you are helping to change someone’s life. Pretty amazing hey. Here’s my interview with this phenomenal woman….

When and how did LOVEleigh begin?

LOVEleigh Designs officially began in June 2011, I was back in Canada for my best friends wedding and found I had quite a bit of time on my hands. Not wanting to work for someone else, and trying to fuse ideas of intertwining my passions, I ended up in a spontaneous trip to the fabric store where my mother and I scoured the shelves for hours and came out with a couple hundred meters of fabric. From then on, it was go time, and I haven’t stopped or looked back ever since. My mum had taught me how to sew when I was a young girl, but growing up with only a brother, I was always more interested in welding rails for snowboarding, working on my truck in mechanics, or building random things in woodwork. I could never have imagined I would end up in this world.

Eventually I started making my own clothes because I felt I couldn’t find anything ‘unique’ and ‘original.’ For years friends and strangers had asked me if I would make clothing for the public, which I was always very uninterested in doing. The push I got from my mother to go ahead and just ‘explore with an open mind and an open heart’ turned out to be a life changing one. After my 8 week stint in Canada sewing and selling, I decided that when I came back to Australia I would pack up my life in Sydney and head up the coast, for warmer waves, and a new lifestyle. After a short stint in Coffs Harbour, I found myself, barefoot and smiling in Byron Bay. That was over two years ago, and I am still here now (with a few adventure in between, of course!).

What are you most passionate about in life?

I definitely have a lot of passions, I think being a Scorpio, I am by nature, a very passionate person. Family and friends are of course my number one, I love to travel, explore, get in the ocean all day every day. I’m discovering though, from a very young age, I have been passionate about something that is very near and dear to my heart, and that is helping others. From my passion, has come compassion. Since I can remember, I couldn’t walk past a homeless person in the streets without emptying my pockets, or at least trying to put a smile on their faces. I used to barter with my Dad when I was really young to try and get my allowance early, only to spend it giving a few dollars here and there trying to help those a little less fortunate. I truly believe I have been so blessed into the life I’ve been born into. So I decided after traveling around South East Asia solo on my first big trip in 2007, that i needed to do more. I decided to go back to uni, but I was going to spice it up a little and move to Australia!

I studied my Masters in Human Rights at UNSW in Sydney and part way though my degree was fortunate enough to be selected for an amazing internship in Switzerland at the UN advocating for refugee rights. After graduating, I took a job running a water-based NGO in Malawi, Africa. I’d never been to Africa, and I’d never ran an entire NGO, so it was a huge leap, but I always try and step out of my comfort zone, so the next thing I knew three weeks later I was on a plane to Africa. Working in Malawi myself and my 11-man team of local villagers went around to 12 different villages and using grassroots initiatives helped the villagers build water pumps and toilets, while providing hygiene education to all. The experience was incredible, daunting, exhausting, liberating, and inspiring all in one breath. While I was there, I had a lot of time to reflect on my life, my company, and how I wanted my future to be. I kept having circulating ideas that I wanted to work for myself, doing something creative, I wanted to have fun and travel the world, and I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives. In that moment, my worlds collided, ethical fashion, it all made so much sense. That weekend I headed out to the local markets and started purchasing the most beautiful traditional Malawian fabric from the local women. I ended up coming home with about 60 lbs of fabric from my time working and exploring Africa. In purchasing my fabrics from the local women there, I was able to help them to provide for their families. Like that isn’t enough, I was also able to provide my customers with unique limited edition, sometimes one-of-a-kind garments, hand made, with a very hopeful story behind it.

I then met a little boy while I was there named Often (pronounced Orphan), whose family was having troubles paying for his school fees (primary school is free in Malawi, and secondary school you must pay for). After meeting with his headmaster, talking with his family and crunching some numbers, I was able to figure out a way to put him through school. Proceeds from select garments, made from the African fabrics would go towards putting Often through school for the year (and feed an house him!). I am happy to say I am putting him through school for a second year in a row all thanks to those LOVEleigh supporters out there!

What do you love the most about LOVEleigh?

What I love most about LOVEleigh, is probably easy to guess. I love that I can make a difference, little old me! I love that I get to help people that just need a little bit of love and care. I love that simply by sharing my story, others are inspired to help and spread the LOVE. I also love that my mother, who is the most incredible woman in the world, and talented beyond belief, has given me the skills to start LOVEleigh and is so proud of me. I love that my Dad, who is a man of his word, and has some seriously strong ethics, has taught me how to run an honest company, and grow organically. After my time in Africa, I promised myseIf to never forgot about the people I met, the things I accomplished and the lessons I learned. I promised to keep talking about global issues, to always be an advocate for those whose voices cannot be heard, and to always try and help whenever I can. I was lucky to be born into the life I have, so for the rest of my days I will try and make others lives as happy and filled with love as mine is :)
LOVEleigh has let me do all of this, and to everyone out there who has supported me, you are the reason this dream has come true for me, and indirectly, so many others!

What are your future dreams for LOVEleigh?

I am fortunate to travel a lot, I recently did a road trip through Mexico with my best friend in October and had the opportunity to meet some local women, and buy fabric from them. My dream is eventually to take the production of LOVEleigh Designs out of my own two hands and offshore, by starting a women’s collective (in this little magical town I spent some time in), in Mexico. Providing women with the skills to sew, and offer them affordable, safe housing, and courses in family planning, nutrition, women’s rights and small business management.
I would love to still spend 3 months of every year working on a project somewhere in the developing world. I believe strongly in education in all capacities, helping people to help themselves.
I hope LOVEleigh Designs will continue to inspire others to help each other and make the world a better place.

I am eternally grateful for beautiful souls like Morgan. For her caring, compassion, love, the action she takes, the empowering message she inspires in others, for sharing her skills and passions with us all. The world is richer and a more peaceful place with this divine earth angel sharing her passion and love.

This is the first post featuring the magnificent LOVEleigh designs. I have more in store coming soon!

With love and gratitude xx

Outfit Details
Watercolour Maxi in Ocean Fade Dress ~ LOVEleigh Designs | Instagram | Facebook
Mosaic Coral/Turquoise Necklace, Coral/Turquoise Bracelet, Akseki Cuff, Nepalese Coral/Turquoise/Lapis Lazuli Ring ~ Lost Lover | Instagram | Facebook

Gypsy Love Cuff, Shine On Silver Bracelet, Bazaar Ring ~ St. Eve Jewelry | Instagram | Facebook
Harper Stone Cuff ~ Free People | Instagram | Facebook
Rings ~ Large Turquoise ring – Bahgsu Jewels
All other rings/cuffs ~ Vintage

Crystal Flower Child

February 15, 2014

IMG_5782 IMG_5821IMG_5727IMG_5720IMG_5835IMG_5778IMG_5735IMG_5760IMG_5815IMG_5775IMG_5781IMG_5770IMG_5800IMG_5804IMG_5830IMG_5769IMG_5817 IMG_5808

Windswept and bathed in light, adorned in flowers and crystals, my inner child free to play. This was a really fun photoshoot. The afternoon wind, or as commonly known here “The Freo Doctor” was in full effect. Rather than resisting it, I utilised the energy to it’s full magnitude. My dreamcatcher became my kite as I danced around the beach, watching the strings of lace flying in the sky. The beach was quiet this afternoon, filled only with a few kindred souls playing….mermaids, kite surfers, skim boarders. It was such an inspiring and playful energy that surrounded me. Highly contagious :)

I had the chance to style some gorgeous local pieces from Princess Poppy Co, a company based here in Fremantle, WA. I love supporting local business and especially when they produce beautiful pieces of art. Also wearing my favourite crystal jewels from Arrow Divine. I had the pleasure of meeting the talented designer behind this label while I was interstate over the holidays. I have followed them on instagram for awhile now and watched each collection grow and expand creatively and I am forever inspired and impressed. Some Arrow Divine is definitely a must have for any jewellery lover.

And this dress! Thanks Free People for such a stunning easy everyday beach dress. Such a flattering fit, super soft rayon, perfect distressing, and a great layering piece. It’s one of those basics that you can style so many ways, that also works perfectly on it’s own. For more of my Free People styling check out my Free People Me page here.

Whatever the weather is, wherever you beautiful beings are, infuse some bright light into your day with crisp whites, clear crystals and sparkling waters. A lake, a river, a stream, the beach or even a pond. Water has many healing qualities and to be near it is to bring you closer to your heart space.

With love and gratitude xx

Outfit Details

Flower crown, Custom Dream catcher ~ Princess Poppy Co | Instagram | Facebook

Free Spirited necklace, Molten Rock Clear Quartz ring ~ Arrow Divine | Instagram | Facebook

Tattered Up Shred Dress ~ Free People | Instagram | Facebook

Harmony bikini top ~ Gypsy Junkies via Revolve Clothing

Bracelet/Cuffs ~ St. Eve Jewelry, Spell Designs

Rings ~ Laura Shipp Jewellery, Mania Mania, Elephant ring (similar), Vintage

It’s Only Natural To Care..

May 31, 2013

IMG_2062IMG_2044IMG_2015IMG_2118IMG_2112IMG_2082 IMG_2023IMG_2104 IMG_9699

With winter almost upon us here in the Southern hemisphere, I’ve been feeling the need to pay extra special attention to myself. This is the season I am particularly susceptible to colds, or worse the dreaded winter flu, and I’m working to prevent that this year. As a naturopath I work both on the inside and the outside to do this; healthy organic whole foods, positive mind, and an environment free of chemicals. I also take care of myself through my skin. Our skin is actually our largest eliminatory organ of our body. It absorbs whatever we apply to it, so why not make that something chemical free and full of nature’s goodness. It’s also a positive and loving gesture to oneself to nurture the skin through touch.

So only a few weeks ago, to my absolute delight, I was contacted by one of my favourite Organic skin care companies, Organi, to review some of their products. I was beyond excited to say the least!  It really is an honour for me to represent a company that reflects my own ethical standards in organic skin care. As a naturopath, mother and conscious individual, I’m really onto it when it comes to skin care, food, household products, etc and I always choose the cleanest, healthiest products for both my family and the environment. Ones that have not been tested on animals is absolutely essential. Everything about Organi resonates with my heart and I’m more than happy to support them.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity to review their organic skin care products AND I also have the pleasure of offering you all the chance to win some of these amazing products too! YAY!!

As a special treat for myself, I set up a magical bath recently and used all the products in one go in a very long, slow, luxurious, pampering way. I even sprinkled the bath water with rose petals from my garden. Surrounded by soy wax candles, flowers and the smell of their amazing salt scrub I let all my worries melt away. Releasing all thoughts and surrendering to the bliss. I felt immersed in some heavenly place, reminding me of the relaxation and pampering I often experience when in Bali. You can create your own slice of heaven right at home with just a few simple things…some divine organi products, rose or flower petals from your garden, and candles. Add your own special touches that reflect you and your love for yourself. This is such an important ritual in my life, and as Organi say “It’s only natural to care.”

THE Honey Peel 

The honey peel, aka take 10 years off your face, is by far the best skin care product I’ve ever used. There are no words that can express how magical this honey peel is. See my first post on this product HERE. I’m a 36 year old mother of two children and there has never been a skin care product that instantly revives my skin and takes years off like this one. My husband of 30 completely agrees lol He actually says he looks about 21 afterwards. For me it’s that fresh feeling, like when you have been swimming in the ocean. Your skin feels so alive, taught and smooth. What I love most is that these products don’t contain any nasty chemicals, instead they are filled with botanical wonders like  20+manuka honey and aloe vera, bringing nature’s healing properties straight to my skin.

This product removes all the dead skin cells, impurities, free radicals, allowing fresher, cleaner skin that is able to truly absorb and utilise the healing creams that are applied afterwards. You only need a tiny amount to do the job, and it only takes 10 seconds before you gently massage away all those impurities. Warm water will cleanse your face the best and if you use it on clean skin you’ll get an even better result too, so it doesn’t have to remove all your makeup too. This product only needs to be used once a week so it will last you for a long time. Each day the layers of our skin renew and after 7 days a whole new set has replaced the last. Pretty awesome hey.


Salt Scrub

Oh I LOVE this product! The smell is AMAZING! This one is so perfect for the upcoming winter weather. During the cooler weather the body starts to slow down. Lymphatic congestion builds as we decrease our activities and give in to tendencies to consume stodgy, refined, processed foods. Circulation and metabolism both slow to compensate, meaning the skin can lack lustre, quickly building up dead skin cells, becoming dry, dehydrated, and easily prone to outbreaks due to congestion. This product is like a dive straight into the glorious ocean. Revitalised by mother nature’s minerals, envirogorated by the aromas, the scrubbing action works to improve circulation, lymphatic flow, and hydrate and nourish the skin. It not only makes your skin look and feel amazing, but helps to rid the body of toxins, bacteria and more that harbour in the congestion. A healthy naturopathic tip ~ If you use a salt scrub as part of your weekly routine you will significantly boost your immune system and help to prevent colds/flus. Bacteria and viruses thrive in a congested lymphatic system. The action of gentle scrubbing works to clear this and effectively give your internal system a cleanse from the outside. What could be better than that! Radiate on the inside and on the outside! You can use it in the shower or bath, like I did, as bath salts, and as a foot scrub/ bath, giving some extra special attention to tired hardworking feet.

As someone very aware of their emotional climate, smell is important to me. Smell is such a powerful sense, connecting us to feelings in an instant. I strive to find small ways every day, every moment, to infuse more joy, love and pleasure into my life. And this salt scrubs, that smells insanely beautiful, does just that :)


Day Cream

This was a big deal for me to switch day creams. I’ve been so set on my usual one, that I’ve used for years. AND I’m so happy to say…THIS.IS.BRILLIANT! And why am I not surprised. All Organi products are! I should have known after I first tried the honey peel that the entire range was going to be as awesome. My skin feels so full of youth, lustre, moisture. It works as a great base for my makeup, allowing it to slide so effortlessly on, without that caking feeling or as though I’m wearing layers. It feels like pure velvet and glides on like the softest silk. This product contains lemon peel extract which helps to lighten the skin, reducing pigmentation and age spots. It also contains Green tea leaf extract and Pomegranate. All three botanicals contain much needed antioxidants, which are anti-ageing nutrients. These nutrients are really important for our body and skin, due to all the external and internal stressors we are exposed to with modern living.



In collaboration with Organi, we have some amazing giveaways we will be running over the next 4 weeks. Starting today, May 31st 2013, there will be one on Facebook and one on Instagram. Enter both and double your chances of winning this giveaway pack!

The Giveaway Pack:


This is $400 worth of organic skin care products! How generous are Organi! Seriously. Love them. Here are the details for each giveaway and what you’ll need to do to be in the running.



  • Follow @OrganiAustralia and @gypsylovinlight on Instagram
  • Repost the Instagram giveaway picture (see below) with the hashtag #organiskincare and tag both @OrganiAustralia and @gypsylovinlight
  • Make sure your Instagram privacy settings are changed to public so that we are able to include you in the competition, otherwise we won’t be able to see your picture.
  • This competition will be drawn Friday June 28th 2013. Winner will be notified via Instagram.



With gypsy love n light,

Helen xx



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