June 28, 2015

PhotographyHelen Janneson Bense & Jasmin Howell from Friend in Fashion

Model/StylingHelen Janneson Bense

LocationSri Panwa, Phuket, Thailand



Pool Ocean View Villa – Sri Panwa

Jewelry – Tipi Necklace | Luna Necklace | Aquila Crystal Ring | Double Moons Ring 

Love Affair Combi Playsuit – Magali Pascal | Bralette | Arizona Black Hat

Yoga wear – Alo Yoga | Luna Necklace

Rings – Kasané | Bahagia Larimar | Nicole Fendel | Strong midi

New Age Dress | Blue Heaven Shake Hat | Bralette | Nicole Fendel Cuff

Clementine Romper

White Sands Shift Dress


There’s something about those tropical island getaways…the colours, the scents, the vibes. Food tastes better, the air is clearer, and everything around you is magnified, rich in colour, texture, meaning. A palpable and enriched vitality resonates in every single little thing and it’s amazing!

I had such an incredible stay recently at Sri Panwa in Thailand, so I wanted to share a little more about this beautiful location, and some of my precious moments there.

Perched upon Cape Panwa, Sri Panwa resort boasts the most idyllic 360 ocean views. Sunset cocktails at Baba’s Nest are a must, followed by some authentic thai food at Baba Soul. Each day I awoke before the sun, did a few morning sun salutations, and watched from my bed as the sun rose and painted the sky. Every morning was a stunning light show and I had the best seats in the house. My bedroom opened up to my pool on all 3 sides with an ocean vista to ignite all your wildest dreams. It was in this moment as I gazed upon this glorious view, that I felt nothing was beyond my grasp. All that I could imagine was possible. The veil between my dream world and reality were somehow merging. I was reminded of one of my many lucid dreams of flying high in the sky like an eagle. It was pure and utter magic.

Fuelled by the energy of each sunrise and sunset, I moved through my days in harmony with nature’s rhythm. I was filled with so many perfect moments of peace, joy and contentment. Sharing this amazing journey with the gorgeous Jasmin was the highlight of the trip. There’s nothing better than having the time of your life and sharing it with another kindred sister.

Next stop California! I’m so excited for a month long family holiday in the summer sunshine, exploring rivers and redwoods, and magical scenic coastlines.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

My Heart’s Joy

June 26, 2015

PhotographyBobby Bense

Model/StylingHelen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento beach, Western Australia


Outfit Details

Gypsy Belt | Double Quartz Necklace | Arm Cuff Minc Collections

Minc Collections Rings – Dotti ring | Galazy ring | Crown ring | Vine ring

Rings – Dixi | Grace Bijoux | Sunahara | La luna Rose




Sometimes I love nothing more than to sit on my bedroom floor with a pile of jewels and play dress ups. Stacking rings and necklaces is by far the part of my job I love most. It’s my heart’s joy and it connects me to my inner child that is always bubbling just beneath the surface awaiting every opportunity to come forth. It’s a space that is so spontaneous, expansive and completely timeless. It was such a joy for me receiving this awesome package from the divine Minc Collections, and layering all these gorgeous pieces to create one goddess inspired look.

As I frolicked along the beach on this calm, overcast and slightly eerie day, I was reminded of why I began this creative journey. I danced upon the beach, jewels jingling, my body dripping in layers of silver chain and quartz crystal, fingers fully adorned in moonstone, silver and an assortment of stacking rings, filled with light and love, and total freedom to be myself.

To take a canvas like my body and adorn it beautifully in all that I love reminds me of the beauty that resides in all beings, in everything. It reminds me of the magic that I am, that you are, that exists everywhere I look.

It’s been a little over 2 years now since I started GypsyLovinLight and I’m so grateful every single day for how it continues to enable me so much freedom to creatively express myself. It provides me with a platform for my own unique voice. It reminds me to be myself. To be true and authentic. And in sharing who I am with the world, and all that I love, I hope to inspire others to do the same.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

Mommy & Me

June 24, 2015

PhotographyBobby Bense

Models – Jade (daughter) + Helen (mommy)

StylingHelen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento beach, Western Australia


Outfit Details


Skirt | Flower Crown | BraceletKapri Couture

Luna Necklace + Luna Cuff

Rings – Air/Earth | Strong | Nani | Luna

Nails – Willow Byron Bay (Winter)



Kimono | Flower crown | BraceletKapri Couture

Luna Necklace + Ananda soul Cuff

Gypsy Belt

Rings – Ananda SoulSoul Dance | All is Love Aquamarine | Om | Aletheia & Phos Et Cure



Nails – Willow Byron Bay (Winter) – Use discount code GYPSYLOVINLIGHT at checkout


My beautiful daughter, Jade, and I were recently blessed to have shared a very special photoshoot together for the divine Kapri Couture. They designed and custom made matching pieces to specifically suit our aesthetic and the mermaid vibes we were after. It was so heart warming to share this journey with my sweet girl, to watch her be pampered in this way, and see her soul alight as she found her own creative expression. She is such a natural beauty, emanating love from deep within her soul. She is my teacher, my angel, and always brings me back to my heart when I need it most. My heart is filled with gratitude for the honour of being her mommy.

This was such a fun family shoot with Bobby (daddy) behind the lens and our dear son, Jacob, our little behind the scenes helper. He was such a sweetheart, taking care of his big sister.

I’m so grateful to Kapri Couture for organising all these pieces for us, so we could share this very special day together. These moments and captures will forever remind us of our bond and unconditional love for one another.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx


Paradise Found

June 20, 2015


IMG_4351 IMG_4850

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

PhotographyHelen Janneson Bense & Jasmin Howell from Friend in Fashion

Model/StylingHelen Janneson Bense

LocationSri Panwa, Phuket, Thailand



Luxury Villa at Sri Panwa


Trisara Palm Tree Bikini

Innika Blue One piece

Point Yamu Petrol bikini

El Kabron Kimono

Tamaramma Dress

Wategos Cami

Shek-O Palm Tree Shorts

Bronte Palm Clutch

Denim Shorts



Sheebani Flash Tattoos

Jewelry  – Tipi Necklace | Luna Necklace

Silver Leg Chain

Rings – Aquila | Phobos Deimos | Strong midi | Adjustable Crossover | Om | Open moon

Luna cuff – Labradorite | Crystal Arm Cuff


Palm Tree Bracelet – By Jasmin | Ananda Soul Cuff

Hats – Arizona Black | Bounty Shake



You’ve probably already seen from my social media that I was recently blessed with the most amazing adventure to Thailand. There really are no words to express how incredible this trip was for me. So much beauty and magic. I am beyond grateful for the experience. I’m especially thankful to Vamastyle and The Luxe Nomad for organising such a wonderful adventure. And meeting my dear soul sister, Jasmin, was simply the icing on the cake.

As a mother stepping away from my family, venturing overseas on my own can sometimes bring up certain fears. It’s so natural for this to happen, as the family bond and links between mother and child are so strong. Nevertheless moving through my fear and allowing myself time and space for adventure, and for some much needed nurturing, was the most empowering experience for me.

When we give ourselves permission to fully enjoy life, to tap into that spontaneous childlike joy, and completely let go, we awaken the heart. Passion, creativity, love and joy flow effortlessly from this point. Smiles light up your face and beam from deep within your soul. Sometimes all we need is a little reflective time, a little pampering, a little time out. Something just for us. Filling your love cup and maintaining it is quite possibly one of the most important tasks as a mother. It doesn’t always need to be a holiday, though it definitely helps. Sometimes it can be as simple as having a bath and filling it with flowers, lighting your favourite scented candle and sitting with a good book for an hour, or taking a nap even though you know you have a million things to do.

So now I’m back to the routine, though I’ve brought a little of that holiday magic with me. Every time I look at these images, I’m reminded of those moments of pure joy. Where there was not a worry in the world. It’s an anchor point for me to draw upon, and bring a little of that magical energy into my everyday life. I’ve arrived home stronger than ever, more determined, focused, and filled with more self love for taking that step into the unknown, and treating myself with love and respect. I have filled my love tank and I have so much more patience and presence with my family. I’ve realised how this time for myself has been a gift for all of us.

I hope this post inspires you to follow your heart, your dreams, your passions, and most of all love for yourself.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

Endless Summer

June 18, 2015


PhotographyBobby Bense

Model/StylingHelen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento Beach, Western Australia


Outfit Details

First Look

Masai Bikini  – Del Maar Latin Swimwear

Amethyst Zen necklace | Pear cut Amethyst ring + Amethyst Karma ringOcean Mantra

Luna cuff (Fluorite) | Arrow Bracelets (small + large)

Rings – Wanderlust + Co – X Double ring | Orbit/crystal midi | Kasané Jewellery – Eye midi | Stacked ring


Second Look

Sol De Morocco Bikini  – Del Maar Latin Swimwear

Grace Bijoux Vivian Belly Chain – Gold

Necklace – Nicole Fendel

Rings – Nicole Fendel – Zara Lace | Skye Double | Arrow | Anna Beck – Turquoise | Triple Bar

Ace of Something Hat

Tan – Tans by Chels

Nails (Aura) – Willow Byron Bay – Use discount code GYPSYLOVINLIGHT at checkout


I’m still in amazement at how gorgeous the days are here in Perth. It’s now officially winter and though the mornings and nights are icy cold the days have been so beautiful, sunny and warm. Being a Melbourne girl and living through years of freezing cold weather, I seriously soak up every little bit of sunshine I can get over here. It still blows my mind 9 years later.

Since I’ve been dreaming of chasing the endless summer my entire life, I’m actually ridiculously excited to share with you all that I am headed to California in just a weeks time! My heart is singing with joy! I’m so excited to reconnect with my US family, relive summer all over again, and simply be amongst those giant redwoods and majestic ocean coastline. So many amazing adventures await! For now though I’m loving every minute of the here and now and so grateful for all that I have in my life.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

Light Leak

June 17, 2015


PhotographyBobby Bense

Model/StylingHelen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento beach, Western Australia


Outfit Details

Mishaps NecklaceKyoti Design

Kyoti Rings – Spell Bound | Potion | Rune midi | Crescent moon midi

Child of Wild Flash Tattoos

Rings – Twin Triangles | Arrow Wrap ring

2 piece set – Lala Land

Ace of Something hat

Nails (Transcend) – Willow Byron Bay – Use discount code GYPSYLOVINLIGHT at checkout


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others”  Marianne Williamson

One of my all time favourite quotes a dear friend once shared with me. It continues to help me so much, as a daily reminder of the light and magic within, when I need it most. I hope it reminds you of how magnificent you all are too.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

Turquoise Dreamer

June 14, 2015

PhotographyBobby Bense

Model/StylingHelen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento Beach


Outfit Details

Apache Handpiece + Gold Dust necklace + Amulet Bolo + Cairo Cuff + Rings – Pyramind RingSun ring  |Summer Moon ring | – Karen London Jewelry

Sheebani Flash Tattoos

Ace of Something Hat

Nail polish (Winter) – Willow Byron Bay – Use discount code GYPSYLOVINLIGHT at checkout


There’s nothing quite like the combination of turquoise and gold for me…and Karen London Jewelry just knows exactly how to do it right! I’m so in love with all these exquisite pieces. And I’m beyond excited to be running an Instagram giveaway with this divine lady. We are gifting one lucky soul one of these incredible handpieces! Details to enter are all below :) Wishing you all the best of luck. I wish I had one for all you turquoise dreamers!

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx



Entry Details

  1. Repost this picture below on your Instagram page.
  2. Follow + Tag @karenlondonjewelry + @gypsylovinlight
  3. Hashtag #KLxGLLgiveaway
  4. Make sure your profile is set to public so we can see your entry.
  5. The lucky winner will be announced on Thursday 25th June 2015 (Perth WA time).
  6. Good luck! xx

Finding Peace

May 27, 2015

PhotographyBobby Bense

Model/StylingHelen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento beach, Western Australia


Outfit Details

Circle of Life Necklace | Bliss Charm Belt | Global Anklets | Forever ClutchDa-sh & Dol

Rings – Violet Gray – Gently Powerful Chrysocolla | Connected Creation | Poatri Cassiopeia | Aloha Gaia – Air/Earth Midi | Nani Midi | Luna Midi | Midsummer Star Double Moon

Poatri Hydrus Arm Cuff 

Cuffs – Violet Gray – The Bringer of Life | Aloha Gaia Luna (Labradorite)

Dakota Flash Tattoos + Desert Dweller Flash Tattoos

Drifting Away Skirt – Her Empire

Costa Fate Crop Top – Sum Leta

Black Alaska Hat – Ace of Something

Nails (Transcend) – Willow Byron Bay – Use discount code GYPSYLOVINLIGHT at checkout


When the stress of life seems to build and form into one giant Mavericks size wave and you feel as though you can barely stay afloat, remember to breathe, remember your family and friends, remember those who fill your heart with love and joy. Take a moment to completely stop, breathe in deeply, find that still point in between the breath, and feel your centre return. Focus your attention on all the blessings in your life and your stressful perspective will begin to melt away into peace. Feel yourself rocking and rolling with those huge waves, riding them with grace, not letting anything knock you down. Life is ours for the creating. Treat it like a precious piece of art and with each stroke paint it with love and gratitude for the amazing being that you are.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

We are all Magic

May 19, 2015


PhotographyBobby Bense

Model/StylingHelen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento beach


Outfit Details

New Age Dress – Faithfull the Brand

Child of Wild Desert Dweller Flash Tattoos

Hat – Ace of Something

Rings – By Jasmin via Bali Platform – Wave | Eye | Bahagia – Totem | Kasané – Eye | Stacked | CZ midi

Bracelets – By Jasmin via Bali Platform – Carpe Diem | Wanderlust | Palm Cuff | Palm Bracelet


“Open your heart to the magic all around you, to the magic that you are”

Imagine yourself sitting on a warm soft cushion of silky sand, the salty ocean gently misting you, the sky blazoned in fiery red, sunburnt orange and soft peach, the water glistening with iridescence as though it’s been sprinkled with glitter, reflecting and refracting the light of the heavens. Each breath fills you with gratitude for the gifts of the moment. You allow your mind to let go of all your worries, you feel your heart expand and fill with gratitude, with love, with joy. You feel the expansion, as though there are no boundaries between you and the very ground you sit upon. You know we are all one. One heart, one beat, one being. You open your eyes and realise the magic was there all along. You just needed to refresh your focus and now all you see is magic. It’s everywhere you look and it’s YOU too.

We are all magic. Remember this on those darker days. You were born magical and that never goes away…sometimes we just need reminding.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

Gypsy Style

March 6, 2015

PhotographyBobby Bense

Model/StylingHelen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento beach, Western Australia


Outfit Details

Savannah Blouse – Turquoise Lane

Belt + NecklaceSilk Road

Rings – Turquoise Nova | Larimar | Band of Five | Midi Mandala rings – Use discount code GYPSYLOVINLIGHT at checkout for all Mandala rings

Bikini Bottoms


Nails – Willow Byron Bay – Use discount code GYPSYLOVINLIGHT at checkout for all nail polishes

This was such a fun outfit to create and wear on this free loving afternoon at the beach. Wind in my hair, jewels jingling with each step as I danced my little dance across the beach in complete gypsy style. This festival inspired look paired some of my all time favourites together – silk road tribal jewellery, spell lace via turquoise lane + the fifth element life mandala rings. This lace top is by far one of my most treasured wardrobe pieces right now. I can’t get enough if it, and such a versatile piece to style in so many different ways. Perfect with denim cut offs, maxi skirt or wear it open as a lovely light layer for those cooler summer evenings. Ahhhh summer nights…making the most of them while they are still here and drinking it all in.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx





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