April 4, 2015

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PhotographyBobby Bense

Model/StylingHelen Janneson Bense

Location – North Beach, Western Australia


Outfit Details

Custom Arrowhead (GypsyLovinLight) necklace | Sunrise Arm cuff | Arrow Bangle | Beach Bangle | Bangle Bracelet | Rings – Crystal | CuffsJames Michelle

Isabella Tattoos – Flash Tattoos

Bikini – I’m not your Type

Rings – Arrow | Mother of Pearl | SW Midi Rings

Belly Chain – Grace Bijoux

Hat – Ace of Something

Nails (Winter) – Willow Byron Bay – Use my special discount code GYPSYLOVINLIGHT at checkout

Hair – The Nest Hair Boutique


Feeling oh so summery and festival ready in all this inspiring flash….loving the new blue tones added to the already amazing metallics from the original creators of the metallic tattoos :) Paired with some divine James Michelle gold jewels and beautifully handcrafted bikini all the way from sunny California! I’m super excited to announce my family will be trekking back to Cali this summer. We can’t wait to see our families and even more of this beautiful place we call our second home. Thanks to all who suggested some amazing places to visit on instagram recently. Please feel free to leave comments here on my blog if you have some must see sights and adventures, and any must stay accommodations you’d like to recommend.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx

New moon intention

October 24, 2014

With the new moon upon us, it’s a wonderful time to plant new seeds of intention. I’ve spent these waning weeks in reflection, gaining clarity, reassessing everything! Today I feel very clear as I set forth my intention to flow harmoniously with the pace of nature. I want to really experience all the moments of my life with peace and love, rather than thinking about how to get from here to there. And rather than a need to necessarily slow down, (which I kind of need too) it’s more about finding peace within the chaos. Adjusting my sails and moving at a more natural rhythm. I’ve spent some time looking within to dissolve those threads that drive me into stress. I’ve allowed those beliefs to show themselves and gently be defused. And now I’ve awakened clearer, lighter and with even more acceptance for myself. I’ve come to realise that I want to follow my joy and passion within each moment of my day. To honour myself for who I am and all that I value. To see my worth with all the blossoming love in my heart.

Now is the time to refine our intentions for each day that we live on this amazing planet. I encourage you to spend this new moon time imagining all that brings you happiness and fills your heart with joy. Follow your passions and let us all live a beautiful, kind and peaceful life :)

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx


PhotographyBobby Bense

Model/StylingHelen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento beach, Western Australia


Outfit Details

Adella Thin Strap Crop + Yoko Sheer KimonoTara Grace

Necklaces (Eden +  Peaceful Buddha) + Bracelets (White feather + Eden’s Wrap + Buddha) – Guilty Jean Jewelry

Denim shorts (similar)


Hat (similar)

Rings – Torchlight Jewelry |Hunter Gatherer Jewellery (Eye + Thunderbird + Eagle) | Aloha Gaia | Ernest & Joe

Huntress Cuff – Torchlight Jewelry

Flat Tummy Tea Review

July 23, 2014

IMG_0311 IMG_0335IMG_0293 IMG_0336IMG_0348 IMG_0345IMG_0312IMG_0329

Today I have the pleasure of bringing you guys a review of a divine herbal blend I’ve recently stumbled upon that not only does amazing things for your hydration and digestive health, it also leaves you without the bloat! As the name implies, it really is a flat tummy tea.

As a naturopath, as a mother, and someone who cares a lot about what they put both on and in their body, I’m pretty pedantic about labels. I’ll always look deeper than the face value of a product to evaluate the constituents, and where/how they were sourced. When I looked at the herbal content of these teas I was pleasantly surprised. Lovely balanced formulas, with a multitude of herbal therapeutic properties specifically designed to aid the digestive system.  We often underestimate the need for proper digestion. It is here in our gut, that our second brain resides and some of the very neurotransmitters that alter our mood are made. It’s so vital to have a healthy functioning gut to improve the health of all other organs and systems of the body. Having a flat tummy and relieving bloating discomfort are simply the awesome benefits that are natural to a healthy functioning digestive system.

Here are a few basic tips I’ve learnt in my many years of practice for optimum digestive health and to keep bloating to the minimum –

  • Take a few deep breaths before every meal. Feeling relaxed and activating our parasympathetic nervous system is how we digest food most effectively. This means our body will absorb lots of nutrients with the least amount of toxic build up in the process.
  • Chew lots and eat slowly. Digestion begins first in the mouth with enzymes that help break down your food, along with your teeth…so chewing is really really important.
  • Avoid drinking with your meals. Water 20 minutes either side of your meal is ok and if you must drink with your meal, ensure you sip and don’t gulp. Drinking fluids with meals will dilute your precious enzymes and acids in your stomach that you need to break your food down efficiently.
  • Only eat until you are content. Overeating leads to putrefaction and fermentation of your food. Rather than getting benefits from all the nutrients, you create a lot of toxic junk in your gut. This can result in intestinal dysbiosis, gas build up and lots of bloating.
  • Small meals frequently are the best for your digestive system.
  • Throughout the day keep hydrated. Drink lots of water and herbal teas to do this. Flat tummy tea is a great choice to incorporate into a healthy digestive routine.
  • Keep salt, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and other diuretics to a minimum.
  • Read here for some more amazing Flat Tummy Tips from Flat Tummy Tea.

For those wanting to kick that uncomfortable, distended feeling in the gut, and at the same time enjoy the feeling of a flat tummy, I highly recommend this Flat Tummy tea. The two blends have been formulated to also taste amazing by using the natural flavours of the herbs. Fennel, Peppermint and Lemon Balm, all calmative herbs for the gut, provide a beautiful balanced flavour to please the palate without the need for anything artificial.

Here’s to healthy digestive systems and giving our bodies some loving herbal goodness. Enjoy lovelies!

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx


PhotographerBobby Bense

Model/Styling/PhotographyHelen Janneson Bense

LocationLosari Home and Woman | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest


Outfit Details

Flat tummy Tea  | Instagram | Facebook 

UO Top + Bing Bang X UO midi rings | Heart + ChevronUrban Outfitters

Shorts – Vintage | SHOP Similar + here

Bracelets – Broken Gypsy

Rings – Crystalyt | Kami Lerner | Amarilo | Mania Mania crystal (similar)

Hat – Ace of Something

Necklace – Cecily London

Mug – Made with love by my beautiful niece Kira



Kip & Co

June 17, 2014

Nothing quite like curling up in bed on a rainy day, snuggling up into some super cosy velvet bedding. Thanks to the awesome Kip & Co boutique bedding company, that is exactly what I’ve been doing on these rainy wintery days. And I’m getting some of the best sleep of my life!

I’m so happy to support this awesome company, run by a few inspirational women, one being a beautiful friend of mine and fellow naturopath. I love all the bold, bright colours, contrast, textures and amazing patterns. Such a fun bedding range! There is nothing more important to your health than a good nights sleep, so with that in mind, I’m so thrilled to announce that we are giving away a gift card worth $250 of amazing bedding for you to choose from. So now you can make Kip & Co part of your home too and have a restful, luxurious nights sleep snuggled up in this luxe boutique bedding :)

All you need to do is get on Instagram to enter.


Entry Requirements

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Follow and tag both @kipandco + @gypsylovinlight

Hashtag # kipandcogiftcard

Make sure your profile is public so we can see your entry

Winner will be drawn Wed 25th June (Perth time)


Good luck everyone!


Love and gratitude,

Helen xx


Outfit Details

Teal Velvet Quilt cover + cases – Kip & Co 

Candle – Dreamcatcher candles

Wish you were here Dress – Gypsan

Tulum India Gold Necklace – Goldbarr – Use code ‘OCEANGYPSY’ for 15% off

Rings – Seawolf | Free People | Amarilo | Karen London 

Bracelets – Peruvian turquoise wrap Kami Lerner | Free People | Turquoise cuff Freebird Collection

Hat – Lack of Color



Worldly Treasures

June 8, 2014

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Ahhh nothing quite like a good tribal treasure haul….finding those one of a kind pieces that so perfectly reflect your style. I had the pleasure recently of visiting the gorgeous Scarlet boutique in North Beach here in WA. The divine Tara, owner and curator of worldly clothing, jewels and homewares, has created an inspirational space, that feels so homely. Beautiful tribal designs, colour pops and luscious aromas all ignite the senses.

After my lovely visit, I headed to the beach decked out in some of my favourite pieces from her magical store. Paired with some incredible vintage pieces from Gypsy River and Free People and my outfit was complete.  Rich with colour, texture and plenty of captivating intricate details.

I am slightly obsessed with tribal jewellery ;) There is something so unique and interesting that draws me. The history, the culture, the story behind it. The energy. I make sure when purchasing tribal jewels that they are made under fair-trade conditions. Something to be aware of. It’s better to spend a little more on the real deal than buy a whole lot of cheap jewels that ultimately have their own much higher cost. Always check your jewels come from fair-trade sources, and know in spending that little bit more you are supporting local sustainability and the welfare of those divine beings who create these beautiful jewels.

This post is in deep appreciation and honour of all the artisans all around the world. The ones who don’t always get the recognition they deserve, and so humbly never ask for it. I thank you.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx


Outfit Details

Free People top, Zoda bag + cuff, Shantique turquoise cuff – Scarlet Fashion | Follow on Instagram | I love supporting local business and perth ladies this one is golden. Make sure you visit her shop at Shop 18, North Beach Shopping Centre, North Beach.

Gypsy Ring, Flower Power Ring  + Afghan fish choker (worn as a belt) – Gypsy River

Necklaces – Lost Lover + Free People

Rings – Ono Jewellery | Embella Jewellery | Lunar Sea Gypsy

Silver hill tribe cuff – Embella Jewellery

Top – Free People

Shorts – One Teaspoon

Boots – Free People

Hat – Brixton

Gypsy Mama

May 9, 2014

IMG_6995Top – Free People | Crop top – Free People | Shorts – One Teapsoon

Necklace + BraceletsGuiltyJean Jewelry | Rings – Urban Outfitters | Wingostarr Jewelry | Sun Wrap ring | Lost Lover Elephant | Nik Dreamer | Silver midi rings | Dogeared Arrow

IMG_6880Top – Rue Stiic | Bangles – Free People | Necklace/worn as bracelet – Lost Lover | Rings – Lost Lover Elephant + Spirit | Minc Collection stacking rings


Rings – Heart Majestic | Natalie B | Vanessa Mooney | Sunahara | Lost Lover
IMG_6925Rings – Minc Collections | Seawolf | Anna Beck | Seawolf Omotik

IMG_7054Top – Free People | Necklace – Goldbarr (USE CODE ‘OCEAN GYPSY’ for 15% off) | Turkish Ring | Skin Feelings Tattoo


Bracelets – Threads (The Shine Project) | Torchlight Jewelry | Rings – Torchlight Jewelry Thunderbird + Herkimer Diamond | Kami Lerner Gold Wrap rings | Amarilo

A little post dedicated to all the gypsy mama’s out there. Some recent jewellery pics from my Instagram, along with some of my blog features this week. I have been so overwhelmed with all the love surrounding me, in the best possible way. I’m so grateful and it just fills my heart with more love that I want to share with you all!

On that note I have a very special giveaway I’m offering in partnership with ever lovely and inspiring The Fifth Element Life. In time for Mother’s Day we are giving away one Mandala ring of your choice. Check out my Instagram here to enter and for all details.


And if you want to add one these magical mandala rings from The Fifth Element Life to your collection, make sure to use your special code ‘gypsylovinlight’ for 5% off your purchase. These mandala rings bestow upon their wearer the intention and energy of each mandala. From inspiration, protection to compassion and love. They are truly beautiful just like their creator.


You can check out my recent interviews and features here –

Losari Home and Woman – an interview on motherhood, being a style blogger and life

Free People’s Sun Chaser

Kindred Spirits – 60 seconds with GypsyLovinLight

Dogeared – I’m an honorary DogearedMOM! :)


Wishing all you beautiful mamas a wonderful mother’s day. I love you all so much xxxx

Hobo + Hatch

May 3, 2014

IMG_0918 IMG_0891 IMG_0928 IMG_0919 IMG_0907 IMG_0921IMG_0923 IMG_0930 IMG_0916 IMG_0890 IMG_0944IMG_0901 IMG_0894 IMG_0962 IMG_0987 IMG_0948 IMG_0958 IMG_0982 IMG_0951 IMG_0959

A few weeks ago…or maybe even a month now (WOW!) I had the pleasure of visiting the Hobo + Hatch pop up shop down south in the beautiful town Cowaramup, in the Margaret River wine region. The vibe and beauty of this town and shop was so relaxing…I didn’t want to leave! If you get the chance to stop by on your travels it’s a must! So many of my favourite labels like Rue Stiic + Arrow Divine all in the one place. And what a space it is! So perfectly decked out with peacock chairs, divine tapestries, worldly jewels and cow skulls. See pics below!! I was lucky enough to pick up one of their yakadiyak wool/cotton shawls and it’s been keeping me warm and cosy during this sudden seasonal shift right into winter! And not only are they divine, each purchase supports communities in Nepal. “By purchasing from our Yakadiyak range you’ve helped make a small difference in the lives of others. We will continue to donate our time & money to the Nepalese community that touched our hearts & forever changed our soul” – Leona, Hobo + Hatch. Nothing better than wearing conscious clothing. Feels soooo good in so many ways :))))

These photos featuring this beautiful scarf, were taken a couple of weeks ago when summer was still hanging around for one last party :) The golden light in the afternoon seems to intensify during this time of year. The sunsets are so brilliant and deep, just like the autumn leaves. It’s yet another magical time of year with so much beauty to be thankful for.


Photography – Bobby Bense, Helen Janneson Bense

Model/Styling – Helen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento Beach, Western Australia


Outfit Details

Shawl  (natural) – Hobo + Hatch | Instagram | Facebook | Visit in person shop 2, 64 Bussell Hwy, Cowaramup, Western Australia

Daisy flower crown – Eterie

Dress – Spell Designs

Necklaces – Soul Loving Jewelry moonstone mala | Chinta rose quartz | Spell Designs Gypsy

Kimono – Myee Carlyle

Rings – Rico Designs Rhodonite | Elephant (similar) | Sun wrap | Moonglow | Blooming flower | Mermaid by Hand wave | Heart Majestic silver knuckle ring

Bangles – Free People | Sunahara | Shayote Isis wrap

Beanie – Spell Designs

Cloudbreak anklet – Roadtrip Jewellery


And here are some photos of the Hobo + Hatch pop up store and bts hanging out with owner and beauty Leona..and seriously loving her outfit soooo much! Shop it HERE + HERE + HERE xx


With love and gratitude,

Helen xx


IMG_9571 IMG_9572 IMG_9576 IMG_9579 IMG_9590 IMG_9586 IMG_9584 IMG_9593








April 22, 2014

IMG_6396 IMG_6430 IMG_6393 IMG_0089 IMG_6389 IMG_6400IMG_6394 IMG_6385 IMG_6407IMG_6404IMG_0064 IMG_6391

Feet in the sand, ocean air in my lungs, wind in my hair, a magical horizon in sight full of dreams and infinite possibilities.

I’ve spent so much time this past year at the beach on photo shoots for my blog. Each time I find myself entering a meditative state as I dreamily gaze out to sea. I feel earthed and connected with my bare feet on the sand, the water ever so gently washing over me reminding me that I am at the edge of land and sea. The horizon so endless, boundless, infinite, awakening dreams, igniting passion, soothing my soul. The wind so refreshing and enlivening at times, and then so soft and gentle as it caresses my skin. With each breath I am filled with vitality and renewed. My heart expands in this space that can only be called magical. It’s my nirvana, my enlightenment. My holy place. Where I slip into the gap between thoughts.


This beautiful afternoon I wore some of my favourite mermaid treasures from Penny for your Thoughts Jewellery. Paired with my Soleil Blue top and Myee Carlyle kimono, I felt like a reflection of the turquoise sea. Each of these amazing designers ignites my love of the ocean with their inspiring creations. You only have to check out their instagrams to see what I’m talking about. Always such beautiful captivating imagery that will evoke mermaid dreams of tropical islands and an ocean oasis.


AND today I get to share a little of my mermaid bliss with you guys!!!! YAY!!!!! I’ve paired up with the inspirational Soleil Blue, and we are giving away one of these Julia tube tops that I’m wearing in this post. It’s the perfect addition to your mermaid wardrobe. I love it paired with just about anything….from denim cut offs, a flowing maxi skirt, harem pants or with some awesome denim baggies. Such a cute top!



Repost the giveaway picture on instagram.IMG_6671



Follow and tag @soleil_blue + @gypsylovinlight

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Enter as many times as you like, each entry counts.

Giveaway is worldwide.

The giveaway winner will be announced Thurs 1st May (Perth time)

Good luck everyone!!


With love and gratitude,

Helen xx


Photography – Bobby Bense, Helen Janneson Bense

Model/Styling – Helen Janneson Bense

Location – Sorrento Beach, Western Australia


Outfit Details

Julia tube top – Soleil Blue | Instagram

Mermaid necklace, Bohemia necklace, Ocean spiral bracelet/anklet, Thunder cuffPenny for your Thoughts Jewellery | Instagram

Kimono – Myee Carlyle | Instagram

Crystal necklace – Asile Jewellery via Chinta cafe

Turquoise Spike bodychain – Sunahara

Denim shorts – One Teaspoon

Rings – Lush Jewellery | Wingostarr Jewelry | OOAK Turquoise (similar) | Blooming Flower Ring | Dogeared Arrow Ring | Elephant (similar) | Silver midi ring | Chevron midi ring

Bracelets – Lush Jewellery | Shayote Designs | Soul Loving Jewellery

Hat – Lack of Color



A little road trip LOVE x

April 7, 2014

IMG_9290IMG_9307 IMG_9297IMG_9309 IMG_9111IMG_9295 IMG_9268IMG_9303 IMG_9329IMG_9304IMG_9284 IMG_9347 IMG_9279IMG_9334IMG_9341IMG_9113IMG_9306 IMG_9339IMG_9278IMG_9281IMG_9346IMG_9114 IMG_9311IMG_9267 IMG_9280 IMG_9296 IMG_9286IMG_9111 IMG_9361 IMG_9349 IMG_9215IMG_9358 IMG_9355 IMG_9115IMG_9359

OHHHHH YAY!!! I’ve been dying to get this blog post up and share these photos and this awesome giveaway!!! I get soooo excited when it’s time for a giveaway and I can share the love with you all. And this one is absolutely incredible! One that will be sure to pamper and nurture your body and soul.

These photos were taken last weekend during our family road trip adventures down south. On a beautiful, serene beach cove called Smith’s Beach. Quite possibly the only spot in the very flat WA that reminds me of the Northern California coastline (our second home). On this particular afternoon, in between soft rain showers, we strolled along this beautiful beach, watching the light change from a golden glow to an icy mist. It was completely invigorating. It was the most relaxing, connecting, pampering, nurturing, loving day for our family. It was the perfect space to photograph these divine creations and fill them with loving vibrations to be passed on to the soon to be lucky owner of this pamper pack.

For the giveaway, I’ve teamed up with Roadtrip Jewellery and Potion Products to bring you the ultimate gift pack of goodies! I must say it’s all soooooo good! The shell jewels will make you feel like a mermaid, on a tropical island getaway,  and the beauty products are insanely divine. 100 % organic and of the highest quality and standard. As a naturopath, I am conscious of what I use on my skin, as it absorbs everything. I always opt for organic skin care that will bring nourishment to my body, not chemical burden. I absolutely love that you can use this Potion Products argan oil on your hair and skin, enriching it with essential fatty acids, bringing hydration and a luminous glow. You can start your daily ritual with the Moroccan Lava Clay as a simple cleanser, creating the perfect base to absorb all the amazing goodness of the organic argan oil. The clay can be made as a thicker paste to be used weekly and even as a body mask. Along with these beautiful Potion Products, you’ll also receive some stunning Roadtrip Jewellery creations. I am so inspired by beautiful creator, Jess Baynes, who designs these free spirited, road trip inspired pieces, from the heart. Be transported to your island paradise with all these divine creations and feel the love with which they were created.


This amazing gift pack includes:

Pure Argan Oil

Moroccan Lava Clay

Maldives Bracelet

Cloudbreak Anklet

Honolulu Necklace/Wrap Bracelet


So to enter all you need to do is repost this giveaway picture on Instagram.


Tag and follow @roadtrip_jewellery @potion_products and @gypsylovinlight

Hashtag #roadtrippotionlove

Make sure your profile is public.

Giveaway is worldwide, so everyone can enter.

The lucky winner will be announced Tuesday 15th April (WST)


Good luck lovelies!! I wish I had a gift box for you all!

So much love and gratitude,

Helen xx


Photography ~ Bobby Bense, Helen Janneson Bense

Model/Stylist ~ Helen Janneson Bense

Location ~ Smiths beach, Yallingup, Western Australia


Outfit Details

Handmade strapless crochet dress ~ Emma O Clothing

Handmade Boho crochet poncho ~ Sea Dreamer

Honolulu necklace, Maldives bracelet, Cloudbreak anklet ~ Road Trip Jewellery

Pure Argan oil, Moroccan Lava Clay ~ Potion Products

Lola Lace Hat ~ Free People

Lunar Eagle ring ~ Urban Gypsy Designs

Kula Handpiece ~ Wild Heart Jewellery

Shelleys seashells necklace ~ Navajo and the Runaway Stray

LOVEleigh x

February 19, 2014

IMG_5919IMG_5934IMG_5974IMG_5986IMG_5907IMG_5884IMG_5971IMG_5918IMG_5967IMG_5972IMG_5989IMG_5905IMG_5915IMG_5950IMG_6003IMG_5911IMG_5965 IMG_5917

I feel very honoured to share with you all a little about the super lovely Morgan, inspirational designer and creator of LOVEleigh designs. I feel so privileged to wear her divine clothing, knowing that each piece goes to supporting people in great need. Nothing better than wearing conscious clothing you love, knowing you are helping to change someone’s life. Pretty amazing hey. Here’s my interview with this phenomenal woman….

When and how did LOVEleigh begin?

LOVEleigh Designs officially began in June 2011, I was back in Canada for my best friends wedding and found I had quite a bit of time on my hands. Not wanting to work for someone else, and trying to fuse ideas of intertwining my passions, I ended up in a spontaneous trip to the fabric store where my mother and I scoured the shelves for hours and came out with a couple hundred meters of fabric. From then on, it was go time, and I haven’t stopped or looked back ever since. My mum had taught me how to sew when I was a young girl, but growing up with only a brother, I was always more interested in welding rails for snowboarding, working on my truck in mechanics, or building random things in woodwork. I could never have imagined I would end up in this world.

Eventually I started making my own clothes because I felt I couldn’t find anything ‘unique’ and ‘original.’ For years friends and strangers had asked me if I would make clothing for the public, which I was always very uninterested in doing. The push I got from my mother to go ahead and just ‘explore with an open mind and an open heart’ turned out to be a life changing one. After my 8 week stint in Canada sewing and selling, I decided that when I came back to Australia I would pack up my life in Sydney and head up the coast, for warmer waves, and a new lifestyle. After a short stint in Coffs Harbour, I found myself, barefoot and smiling in Byron Bay. That was over two years ago, and I am still here now (with a few adventure in between, of course!).

What are you most passionate about in life?

I definitely have a lot of passions, I think being a Scorpio, I am by nature, a very passionate person. Family and friends are of course my number one, I love to travel, explore, get in the ocean all day every day. I’m discovering though, from a very young age, I have been passionate about something that is very near and dear to my heart, and that is helping others. From my passion, has come compassion. Since I can remember, I couldn’t walk past a homeless person in the streets without emptying my pockets, or at least trying to put a smile on their faces. I used to barter with my Dad when I was really young to try and get my allowance early, only to spend it giving a few dollars here and there trying to help those a little less fortunate. I truly believe I have been so blessed into the life I’ve been born into. So I decided after traveling around South East Asia solo on my first big trip in 2007, that i needed to do more. I decided to go back to uni, but I was going to spice it up a little and move to Australia!

I studied my Masters in Human Rights at UNSW in Sydney and part way though my degree was fortunate enough to be selected for an amazing internship in Switzerland at the UN advocating for refugee rights. After graduating, I took a job running a water-based NGO in Malawi, Africa. I’d never been to Africa, and I’d never ran an entire NGO, so it was a huge leap, but I always try and step out of my comfort zone, so the next thing I knew three weeks later I was on a plane to Africa. Working in Malawi myself and my 11-man team of local villagers went around to 12 different villages and using grassroots initiatives helped the villagers build water pumps and toilets, while providing hygiene education to all. The experience was incredible, daunting, exhausting, liberating, and inspiring all in one breath. While I was there, I had a lot of time to reflect on my life, my company, and how I wanted my future to be. I kept having circulating ideas that I wanted to work for myself, doing something creative, I wanted to have fun and travel the world, and I wanted to make a difference in peoples lives. In that moment, my worlds collided, ethical fashion, it all made so much sense. That weekend I headed out to the local markets and started purchasing the most beautiful traditional Malawian fabric from the local women. I ended up coming home with about 60 lbs of fabric from my time working and exploring Africa. In purchasing my fabrics from the local women there, I was able to help them to provide for their families. Like that isn’t enough, I was also able to provide my customers with unique limited edition, sometimes one-of-a-kind garments, hand made, with a very hopeful story behind it.

I then met a little boy while I was there named Often (pronounced Orphan), whose family was having troubles paying for his school fees (primary school is free in Malawi, and secondary school you must pay for). After meeting with his headmaster, talking with his family and crunching some numbers, I was able to figure out a way to put him through school. Proceeds from select garments, made from the African fabrics would go towards putting Often through school for the year (and feed an house him!). I am happy to say I am putting him through school for a second year in a row all thanks to those LOVEleigh supporters out there!

What do you love the most about LOVEleigh?

What I love most about LOVEleigh, is probably easy to guess. I love that I can make a difference, little old me! I love that I get to help people that just need a little bit of love and care. I love that simply by sharing my story, others are inspired to help and spread the LOVE. I also love that my mother, who is the most incredible woman in the world, and talented beyond belief, has given me the skills to start LOVEleigh and is so proud of me. I love that my Dad, who is a man of his word, and has some seriously strong ethics, has taught me how to run an honest company, and grow organically. After my time in Africa, I promised myseIf to never forgot about the people I met, the things I accomplished and the lessons I learned. I promised to keep talking about global issues, to always be an advocate for those whose voices cannot be heard, and to always try and help whenever I can. I was lucky to be born into the life I have, so for the rest of my days I will try and make others lives as happy and filled with love as mine is :)
LOVEleigh has let me do all of this, and to everyone out there who has supported me, you are the reason this dream has come true for me, and indirectly, so many others!

What are your future dreams for LOVEleigh?

I am fortunate to travel a lot, I recently did a road trip through Mexico with my best friend in October and had the opportunity to meet some local women, and buy fabric from them. My dream is eventually to take the production of LOVEleigh Designs out of my own two hands and offshore, by starting a women’s collective (in this little magical town I spent some time in), in Mexico. Providing women with the skills to sew, and offer them affordable, safe housing, and courses in family planning, nutrition, women’s rights and small business management.
I would love to still spend 3 months of every year working on a project somewhere in the developing world. I believe strongly in education in all capacities, helping people to help themselves.
I hope LOVEleigh Designs will continue to inspire others to help each other and make the world a better place.

I am eternally grateful for beautiful souls like Morgan. For her caring, compassion, love, the action she takes, the empowering message she inspires in others, for sharing her skills and passions with us all. The world is richer and a more peaceful place with this divine earth angel sharing her passion and love.

This is the first post featuring the magnificent LOVEleigh designs. I have more in store coming soon!

With love and gratitude xx

Outfit Details
Watercolour Maxi in Ocean Fade Dress ~ LOVEleigh Designs | Instagram | Facebook
Mosaic Coral/Turquoise Necklace, Coral/Turquoise Bracelet, Akseki Cuff, Nepalese Coral/Turquoise/Lapis Lazuli Ring ~ Lost Lover | Instagram | Facebook

Gypsy Love Cuff, Shine On Silver Bracelet, Bazaar Ring ~ St. Eve Jewelry | Instagram | Facebook
Harper Stone Cuff ~ Free People | Instagram | Facebook
Rings ~ Large Turquoise ring – Bahgsu Jewels
All other rings/cuffs ~ Vintage

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